A while back The 'Ropolitans ran this post:

A look back at the 2010 Opening Day lineup

  1. Alex Cora – SS:  FA signing
  2. Luis Castillo – 2B: Trade/ signing
  3. David Wright – 3B: Draft
  4. Mike Jacobs – 1B: Draft, traded, reacquired
  5. Jason Bay – LF: Trade, traded, FA
  6. Gary Matthews Jr. – CF: Trade
  7. Jeff Francoeur – RF: Trade
  8. Rod Barajas – C: FA
  9. Johan Santana – LHP*: Trade
(I added the strike for Bay and Johan as well as how obtained.)Added by me: Now take a look at this year's projected lineup.  I am leaving Duda in LF until an official announcement is made.1. Reyes  draft2. Pagan drafted, lost, reacquired.3. Wright, draft4. Beltran, FA5. Davis, draft6. Duda, draft7. Thole, draft8. Emaus, rule 59. Pelfrey, draftAnyone notice the difference?  Anyone blind?Obviously assuming health, Bay and Johan would be added to the mix.  However, what it may show is perhaps the Mets have not been as bad at drafting as previously and they may be much farther along in the "rebuilding" phase than we think.