I will admit that I am the worst Card Player on the planet.  I can't bluff, I have no poker face and even if I had a Royal Flush on the deal, I would give the dealer 4 cards back and try to get a pair of Aces.Last year I went to Atlantic City and I couldn't win at Roulette if I put a chip on every number.  The Slot Machines actually feel bad when I play them and spit out pity quarters-only for me to put them back and lose them. I can't go near the football ticket, I literally can pick one winner out of five, on a good week.Needless to say, I can't pick a winner.But if I had a 100 dollars in my pocket and actually knew a Bookie, I would put it all on the Braves for tonight's game.  I mean, lets look at this for a moment.  The Mets have major problems winning in Atlanta, they have major problems winning on the Road and c'on, they won yesterday-do you think the Mets are winning tonight?  I would bet on the Braves-to win-and I hate the Braves! I should adjust my Met schedule, I'll watch the Mets every other night-just to catch a win.You think the Mets are winning tonight in Atlanta? I wouldn't bet on it.But knowing the luck I have, they'll pull it off and squeeze out a win.