neil_armstrong_mets"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." -Neil ArmstrongWhat does this statement have to do with anything Mets?Well you can argue that if the Mets press release yesterday did not omit one word it would of changed the controversy that the Mets are still having communication issues. Here is what the Mets should of said."Test results today on Jose Reyes have confirmed that Jose has an overactive thyroid."Had they thrown in the word mild then Reyes statements and his agents would corroborate one another.Here is what Reyes agent Peter E. Greenberg said in an article by David Waldstein of The NY Times.“We’re waiting for the final results tomorrow,” Greenberg said from Arizona, “but all indications are that it’s the most minimal case of hyperthyroidism possible. The doctor was very pleased and so is Jose.”Even Reyes agent is not saying there was no Thyroid problem but rather the most minimal case of hyperthyroidism possible.The article goes on to say that "Unless the condition changes significantly, he could be cleared to play within days."Now Greenberg saying what he did doesn't mean he too has a communication issue with his client Jose Reyes. When Reyes said  in the ESPN Deportes interview "The specialists who took care of me in New York have told me that I'm fine and that there's nothing wrong with my thyroid".Reyes may in fact be fine now since  the time of his initial blood work. Waldstein's article says  "Initial tests did not determine the cause of the condition, Greenberg said, but it could be the result of a virus, or perhaps a change in Reyes's diet. Greenberg said Reyes had recently been eating a lot of seafood, especially shellfish, and the extra iodine might have contributed to the imbalance in his thyroid levels."What is most important is that it looks like Reyes will be just fine and unless a 3rd scenario drops to totally drive a monkey wrench into all of this. Reyes should  hopefully be back in camp soon getting ready for Opening day.