After the dust has settled a little from the Marlins dismantling their team, the guys on MLBN radio this morning were discussing whether other teams could pull off this type of deal without the general venom all over baseball that resulted from this trade.  Example: how the Red Sox were able to cast off about $250 Million in payroll and it was considered a good move by the Sox.I got to thinking what would be the reaction in Mets land and in baseball in general if we woke up tomorrow morning and Wright (Reyes), Dickey (Johnson), Johan (Mark Buehrle), Jordany (Emilio Bonifacio), and Frank Francisco (John Buck, yes this comparison works because they are both overpaid and worthless) were traded to the Angels for Mark Trumbo (Escobar), Bobby Wilson (Mathis) and 5 prospects?The Mets instantly would have almost 60 Million off of this year's payroll but what would the fan reaction and media reaction be in the media capital of the world?I guess this one is just about as fun as a question my friend and I had the other day of what would happen if Texas actually did try to secede?Have fun.