A few of my distinguished collegues on TRDM have had this discussion before.   Does Omar have a plan and if so what is it.   I am a firm believer that this year the Mets do indeed have a plan.   I think most of us agree that is the case.   Where we differ is what that plan should be.   Obviously most of the time plan A never works and rarely does plan B.   Are you better off developing 5 scenarios and working off those or are you better adjusting to the market once that first plan is impossible?   I like to have control over things so I think plans A-E need to be laid out.   That does not mean they can't be tweaked based on the market.   So that brings us back to today's question.   What is plan C?To figure this out you have to figure out what were plans A and B and are they still in place?   In my opinion the Mets off-season plans were as follows.A) Get Lackey AND Bay.   Hope the market allows you to pay a good range for both of your biggest needs.   I believe that is why they started out with low offers for Bay and Lackey.   The question is which one did they want the most.   I think it is clear they were interested in Lackey but only to about what Lowe signed for last year.   I think Lackey knew that and that is why he did not even bother with the 2nd Mets meeting.   We can go back and forth all day like we have already as to if the Mets should have overpaid Lackey.   Fact is they were not willing to do that regardless of if Lackey wanted to be here or not.   So in my opinion plan A can not be achieved.B) Get a REAL LF in Bay or Holliday, which ever one will come at market value.   Don't over-show your hand because right now bidding is limited.   Then sign or trade for a secondary pitcher.   A guy who could fill in the middle of the rotation but most likely not a #2.   Names include Harang, Arroyo, Meche on the trade front or guys like Marquis, Pinerio, Wolf, Garland.   Plan B in my opinion is still in force and is viewed by the Mets as the most likely from the beginning.C) So what is plan C?   Is it keep what we have because they were good enough to be in 1st part of the season last year before the injuries?   Is it load up on short-term guys like Damon, Dye, Vlad etc?   Is it the extreme case by the media calling for rebuilding and trading Santana?   In my opinion plan C is the one that could create the most interesting few months.   Obviously the Mets are not going the rebuilding route so those idiotic suggestions can be put to rest.   However, a combination of the first two suggestions could field an all or nothing team for next year that would still keep the core intact as well as our prospects for the future.ExampleSign Molina to 1+1Sign Dye to 1+1 knowing that he has limited defensive abilities and is willing to play some 1B.Sign Marquis, because he wants to be a Met, for the back of the rotation.Wait to see which one of the Garland, Pineiro group ends up left out.Sign Gritty McHudson to go with Castillo and to learn 1B and 3B.   The Phillies wanted him to be a 3B so I don't see why he could not be Wright's backup.That should total about 32 million which is what I have counted as available money.   It would field a lineup ofReyes, Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Dye, Frenchy, Murphy, Molina with the ability to switch out Murphy for Dye or Hudson as well as Dye for Pagan.Bench:   Blanco, Pagan, Hudson, Cora, minor league guyRotation:Johan, Pelfrey, Garland, Marquis, Perez/MaineBP: Krod, Feliciano,   Igarashi, Parnell, Stokes/Green, Everts, Dessens/Misch/Nieve/ and who ever is bumped from the rotation.