According to Nick Piecoro for blogs: Hall: Pitching targeted in possible Haren dealDiamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall said it would take an "A-plus" deal for the club to trade right-hander Dan Haren."
"Ideally what we would ask for is major-league ready pitching, be it starters and/or bullpen, and prospects," Hall told reporters this afternoon. "The volume doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need to be four or five or six guys. It’s really about the quality."
Hall also went on to say that pitcher could be in the majors now or someone who is in AAA blocked.
"If we can get back three or four pieces that bring value now and also are controllable for a number of years, then we’d have to consider. But I think if we bring in the right pieces and explain ourselves, I think fans will understand it was a move to improve our team now. It’s an opportunity."
So lets put this in my opinion in Mets perspective.Obviously first on their list would be Jon Niese.   While tempting, I am not sure I want to go that road.   I don't see it helping us this year because of how well Niese has pitched.   So how could we persuade them to overlook our budding star?Perhaps with volume.     While Hall mentioned that he was not concerned with volume he then mentioned 3 to 4 prospects.   Perhaps we could do it with 4 guys that would pacify   their fan base while still getting a good return.1) Mejia.   Although not ready to start this year for the Mets, perhaps for a rebuilding Dbacks he could even compete for a spot during the 2011 season.2) Duda.   This guy has really taken off in AAA and may never again have the value that he does.   A .301, .365, .646, 1.011 line in AAA is bound to get some of the acquiring teams interest.3) Tejada. Another guy with MLB experience that could step in the MI for the Dbacks next year.   This could be a concern if Johnson leaves.   Either way it's a guy that they can show their base as an MLB experienced player.4) Parnell.   Sigh... I hate to do this one.   Parnell seems like right now he has got it right.   According to the guns last night Parnell popped 101 last night.   This one to me believe it or not is the key to the deal.   A guy that could step in right away and compete for the closer's role in Arizona immediately.So what do you guys think?   Is this enough?   Too much?Haren has not had the best year but I do believe in Citi this guy again becomes the ace that he once was.   He is only 29 and has pitched over 200 innings every year since becoming a full-time starting pitcher in 2005.   His contract is very reasonable at $12.75MM for 2011 and 2012 with 15.5M option for 2013 (3.5M buyout).