Don't have a clue why I picked this but why not?  Whooooooo!!!!So for the last 2 days I have tried to come up with my normal "What Mets Fans are Talking About", the problem I am having is that well everyone continues to talk about the same things over and over again.   Hold out until we get our guys back, Omar please make a trade, Mets blow an opportunity.   So instead of rehashing that same theme again, lets take a step back and see what Mets Fans are NOT Talking About.Mets fans are not talking about the fact that Jermey Reed is not playing but Fmart is. Look there is no doubt that Fmart has more potential than Reed.   But why are we trying out potential when we need consistantcy?   If you were the manager which one do you play?   The guy with a .313 BA over 67 PA or the guy batting .207 over 66 PA?   Forget potential, forget the argument that if Fmart is here he has to play.   Most of us say the only reason he is up is because there was no one any better.   That may be the case but why is he playing over people more deserving?   I know Reed can't be an everyday player, but he has been very good this year and does not deserve to ride the pine while a kid struggles to learn to play at the MLB level.   My hopes is after Inter-league, Fmart goes down and Reed becomes Sheff's caddy.Figueroa Named IL Pitcher of the Week last week with a 1.98 ERA and 16 K's   in two starts.   Redding could hear footsteps.   Figgy at this point offers more to the team that Taka, especially with his ability to pitch to RH and LH.Mets DL problems continued into AAA. According to the Bison's MILB site "Valentin becomes the eighth Bisons player currently on the disabled list. RHP Dillon Gee, INF Andy Green, OF Bobby Kielty, INF Mark Kiger, RHP Carlos Muniz, C Mike Nickeas and INF Argenis Reyes are all currently on the team's DL. Buffalo has already lost 223 man-games to injury this season."   So at what point can we blame organizational philosophy here?   Is it possible that we are just too sensitive to Mets info and this stuff happens to every team, bad luck or are there theories to blame?What else are Mets fans NOT talking about?   Sound off here:___________________________________________________