From KcMets.comNY Sports Dog:Dave SingerBad Jerry Manuel Decision #74Here Singer discusses Manuel's incredibly questionable move in the 8th inning.   Wright walks with Reed following.   Jerry elects to have Reed bunt with Wilson Valdez behind him.   Reed bunts it back to the pitcher and kills the rally.   Yes Valdez had done well but he is a career .213 hitter.   To quote Singer "All of the statistical studies in the world tell you that you don't bunt the man over after a lead-off walk....that the odds of him scoring decrease dramatically with one out, even if he makes it to second.   Every man alive knows you don't bunt a semi-productive hitter to get to Wilson Valdez. Everyone except Jerry "Goin' with my Gut" Manuel, who falls in love with every scrap heap guy he finds."Amazin AvenueSam PageSome Possible Trade Targets Pt.  3Here Page continues a 3 part series on possible trade targets for the Mets.   Names mentioned are Peavy, Sanchez, Bedard, Marquis, Washburn and Oswalt.   Personally, I do not see the Mets adding a front-line guy.   I could see at best Bedard but would be very happy with Marquis or Washburn to fill our #4/5 spot adding an innings eater that can also go to the pen in a perfect world situation.NY Baseball DigestMike SilvaEating Crow, Pittsburgh, A New RecordSilva discusses the Putz issue   "the bottom line he needs to step up. It’s true that there were a couple of bleeders and an error that cost him. He doesn’t effectively execute anything but fastballs. That is a huge problem and, without an effective Putz, the Mets bullpen looks a lot more like 2007 and 2008. " He also has a link to Putz's words from last night.   I agree completely on his comments about Putz.   Putz needs to man up and tell the Mets what the problem is.   He does not have the stuff he had before his injury and either something is hurting him, he does not want to be here, or he is just not good anymore.   Pick one and let the Mets know Putz.NY PostJoel Sherman3 UP: NIESE'S FALL HURTS METSSherman goes after Niese here.   The Mets had big plans for Niese this year and were even touting him over veterans like Livan and Redding.   "But Niese is having a miserable year. He gave up six runs in 6 1-3 innings Monday night for Triple-A Buffalo. He fell to 0-5 with an 8.05 ERA. He has just one quality start in nine outings at Triple-A and in two starts with the Mets this season he had a 5.91 ERA." Sherman also discusses the fact that Niese was a major trading chip for the Mets and that chip gets smaller with each setback.NorthJersey.comMets notes: Redding on thin iceNJ discusses Redding's spot in the rotation:   "But now that Redding has returned to the rotation, starting three games, the question has been raised again – how long can he hang onto his spot in the rotation? After a solid performance in his first game, he has allowed 13 runs and 16 hits in 8 2/3 innings over his past two starts. How many more can the Mets stand?" NJ also includes Manuel's quotes on the situation. "It's not going to be many, we have to look at it and evaluate it.''   "What happens from a manager's point of view, you always like to see something good somewhere so you have hope you'll see it again," Manuel said.