Earlier the (gulp) NY Post released an article that quotes David Wright on his thoughts about his future with the New York Mets. The Post as usual failed to accurately portray what Wright meant to say so I am here to correct the record on what Wright meant to say.What Wright said,“The money issue for me, I don’t think that will be the deciding factor,”What Wright really meant to say,"So long as I am given boxes of chocolates for the next 6 or 7 years worth $20M a year it won't be a deciding factor."What Wright said,“You want to be able to win, and I’ve only experienced a little bit of that here, ...In a perfect world, we get this thing turned around and going in the right direction and ultimately I get to experience the bad, the ugly and the good here, which includes winning.”What Wright really meant to say,"Me and DJ Khaled have a remake of his "All I do is win" that I am dying to use as my walkup music that goes like this."All I Do is win win win no matter whatgot money on mind i can never get enoughand everytime I step up to the plateeverybody hands go up!and they stay thereand they say yeahand they stay thereWhat Wright said,“We’ve taken a baby step in the right direction and I still think there’s a long way to go before you can say that we’ve kind of turned that corner where I think that we will,”What Wright really meant to say,"Bringing in the fences only does so much but I've been reading Metsmerizedonline and expect my buddy Justin Upton will be here soon to help me out where the Canadian has failed.What Wright said,“I told these guys we’re not going to discuss it during the season, either this one or next, so I guess that’s a fair assumption, ...If we’re not going to talk about it during this season or next season, then I guess the timing would be during this offseason.”What Wright really meant to say,"Do I really need to spell it out? If I say that I don't want to negotiate during the season then obviously all that remains is the offseason. Duhhh."What Wright said,“Coming up through the system, I have a tremendous amount of loyalty to this organization, ...I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m hoping — optimistic — that something will get done.”What Wright really meant to say,"I have Fred Wilpon by the baseballs. No way he can afford to let me go and I know that he knows that I know it"