As we close the 2010 season I am in reflection mode.  As a Mets fan I am disappointed in how the season turned out and frankly how Omar's tenure with the Mets ended.  I like many other Mets fans had high hopes for the last 5 years only to not achieve what I believe was our goal of playing in the World Series and being competitive every year.  However, and please don't take this as support for our  former GM, I think it's a good thing to put the last 5 years in perspective compared to other half decades.  I realize that this would not measure success by all 5 year periods.  This only measures by the beginning or closing of a decade.So where does the current 5 year period rank in the history of the Mets?One more look.  Another popular notion I see is how more is expected of the Mets during this period because of their salary.According to this the Mets are for the most part consistent with popular belief.  More money usually = more wins.  2/3 of the top salary periods also equaled the 2/3 top winning percentage periods.  Only two periods seem to buck the trend.  2001-2005 and 1996-2001.  The period of 2006-2010 is the highest salary rank and the 3rd highest in winning percentage.  1986-1990 has the highest winning percentage and the 2nd highest average salary.   I am sure there are many things you can interpret from this graph so I will leave that up for discussion.UPDATE: I had this part completed comparing winning percentages over any 5 year period.  I did not do all of the seasons I chose 16 of the most successful 5 year period.  Colleague Prismo said there were 45 of those such periods and based on my count this was the 15th most successful.  Again take this for what you want.