buck-onealIt's been widely reported that the Mets are in line to host the 2013 All-Star Game, one of my motivations for splurging on season tickets. I've attended three All-Star affairs, the 1985 game in Minneapolis, the 2004 game in Houston (where I saw David Wright go 1-3 in the Future's Game and sat behind and got to chat with the late Buck O'Neil at the actual game, photo right), and the 2007 game in San Francisco (where I got a chance to chat with the jovial Gaylord Perry, photo left). All the games and the accompanying events – the Fan Fest, the Future's Game, the celebrity softball game, the Home Run Derby – were loads of fun. The game was almost anti-climactic. I can't wait!me-gaylord-perryExcept Bud Selig won't commit to CitiField for 2013. At the All-Star Game last Tuesday, Selig stalled NY baseball writers when asked about CitiField and 2013: "The Mets have built a great new ballpark and, yes, they deserve an All-Star Game." They why not make it definite and official?The Mets last hosted an All-Star Game in 1964, the year Shea opened. Over the next 46 years, every team save the two Florida teams got to host at least once, 14 teams have hosted twice, and three teams – the Pirates, the Astros and this year's host, the Angels – have hosted three times. The last two repeaters are especially galling since, like the Mets, they're also early 1960's expansion teams.So what's the commissioner got against the Mets? My guess (other than Shea being a dungeon and CitiField being at the edge of nowhere, thank you Robert Moses): the eyesore that is the amalgamation of car repair shops across from CitiField on the far side of 126th Street lovingly known as the Iron Triangle.When CitiField was first proposed, the Iron Triangle also was to be transformed into a mini convention area with shops, hotels and housing. Understandably, the folks who own those businesses didn't take kindly to being eminent domained and put up a legal battle. Then the economy went the way of the Mets' offense this weekend, and development was put on hold. You can read all about it here and here.As you'll see, neither of these recaps put a date on the completion of any of the Iron Triangle redevelopment. I'd love it if some real reporter with access to Selig and Mayor Bloomberg could find out the hold-up and, more importantly (he said only half-kidding), why Bud Selig hasn't yet officially assigned us the 2013 All-Star Game.