On a much happier note today, I thought we would try to accomplish two things.   One to make readers more aware of our Facebook page and two to reminisce on the Mets most famous day.   Today we will have a contest as to who's memory of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series is the fondest or more interesting.   In order to play you will need to head over to our Facebook page, where you can watch the video of the Buckner Blunder and interviews of Carter and Wilson, then post your memories on the page.   For those who do not have or want Facebook you may post them below. Have fun and good luck.   The winner will have their memory posted tomorrow after the game along with any pictures of them and their family they want to include.To access our Facebook page you can click the link below OR starting today there is also a widget in the lower left hand sidebar.   If you also notice a few of our authors are in the fan section as well.The Real Dirty Mets Blog on FacebookYou can also check out this video, I have no idea why I find it so amusing.
Update: Due to some technical issues yesterday, the contest will be extended through midday tomorrow. And as noted above if you have a strong urge not to register for Facebook you may post them below.