One week earlier this was the highlight of the Mets September until...September 20th, 1993?   You are wondering what the hell is this?   This is the low point in my Mets fanhood.   On this date the Mets lost to fall to 50-100, 50 games below .500.   Here's a look at the box score for that game courtesy of Baseball Reference.   To take a peak around the diamond for the Mets.   You had Todd Randolph Hundley C, Eddie Clarence Murray 1B, Douglas Long Saunders 2B, Kevin Richard Baez SS, Robert Leon (Butch) Huskey3B, Joseph Michael Orsulak LF, Ryan Orlando Thompson CF, Jeromy Neal Burnitz RF,   and John Eric Hillman P.Now back to the competition, no Facebook this time, just pure TRDMB.   You do have to register of course to be able to leave your comment below.   Feel free to take this where you want to.   You can look back on that season as a Mets fan, compare it with this year, or just choose to ignore because you have repressed those memories for good reason.   Just make room for this year's beside of it as well.   As with last weeks contest, and no I have not forgotten it (delayed by the winner), the winner will get their post published with a picture of   their choice on Sunday.