jesseoCongrats to Metsfan4decades on winning our first Where Were You When contest with the following comment:I’ve been a Met fan since 1968 and I can truly say 1986 was my favorite season. I was a young professional, just starting out, newly married a few short years. I’m the baseball fan in the family but my husband was as glued to that T.V. set as I was that night.Game 6 against Houston was one for the books for me. Didn’t think anything could top that, going into the WS.But Game 6 of the 1986 WS is my favorite NY Met memory to date. If you say Game 6 to any Met fan, heck to most baseball fans, they’ll know what year, what series, what game you are referring to.Watching the game that night, I thought we could still battle back as we had been doing that whole series, coming back from two games down. However, coming into the bottom of the 10th, I felt my hopes fading fast. Two outs and the announcement on the scoreboard "Congratulations, Boston Red Sox, 1986 World Champions.", just about did it.I’m a big Met fan, inherited from my Dad, as is my sister. We were on the phone to each other that whole series. Actually, my Dad routinely called during every game all season, asking ‘are we going to do this’?So I’m on the phone with my Dad when that announcement flashed and I can probably say he was actually more dejected than I was - but it was close. Says: ‘I can’t watch this. I’ll talk to you tomorrow’.Then we got one hit. I’m thinking, ‘can we just end this misery’? Then we got two, I stood up. Then a third hit and a run. By now, I’m right back into it, thinking as we did all season, we’re going to win this.Mookie does the swan dive to avoid being hit by the pitch as Mitchell races home with the tying run. By now I’m jumping up and down, screaming ‘Go! Go! Go!’Mookie hits that slow dribbler up the line and the rest, as they say, is history. By now I’m up on the couch, jumping up and down, screaming ‘They did it! They actually did it’. The phone starts ringing. I pick it up knowing it’s my Dad (long before the days of caller ID). I don’t say Hello, I just yell into the phone, ‘Did you see it? Did you see them? They DID IT’. He’s yelling and laughing as loud as I am.Told him we’re going to do this, we’re going to win Game 7, nothing is stopping us now.Oh, and after it was all over that season, I treated myself to a new living set. That old couch was never the same after that night. I’m happy to report 23 years later, my Dad and I still watch an inning or two together, over the phone, dissecting the team, the plays, the score.I watch the DVD of that game from time to time, just to remind myself in the bleak days such as last night and this season, why I love this team so much.Also for winning, the poster was allowed to send any pictures of their choosing.     Metsfan4Decades decided to use the following pictures as well as the one at the top:game6_mets3game6_mets2game6_mets