Last night around, I don't know, maybe 1 or 2 in the morning I saw the final score of the Mets game.I slept with a smile.This morning as I cruise the local websites and check out the standings I can't help to notice the New York Metropolitans are right where they should be....smack in the middle of the N.L East.Now I'm searching for the right word to describe them....unpredictable?  over achieving?  mediocre?  pretender?No,  if the Wilpons allow Sandy Alderson to do what he can to improve this team then the word to describe the Mets is simple.....poised.Remarkable isn't it?  Last week the Mets took a beating from the Yankees in their own house and then drop two to the worst team in the league and yet when the dust settled the Mets are still 3 1/2 games out.  When you really consider it, all the Yankees did was hurt the pride of the Met fans....The Mets themselves are right back where they started from.....and for all I know, could remain there.But now let me ask...if the Mets were to make at the Trade Deadline and maybe pick up a bat or an arm.Who will be the Beast of the East?This mornings standings have the Nats sitting on the top with a 43-31 record.  I like them but do they have what it takes?  I wasn't impressed at all when they were spanked by the Yankees a couple of weeks ago.  Even though the Yankees were hot, if the Nats were somewhat for real, they should've won at least once.  But again?  Are the Nats for real?Atlanta sits in a second place tie (3.5 games out).  I really want to see what Atlanta is going to do at the Trade the Mets, I think that might determine their fate.  I have a strong feeling they are going to fade...I don't know why yet.I really hate the Marlins and the Phillies and when they both lose, it makes me want to open up a bottle of champagne.  However, these two teams are the ones I see getting hot at one point and making a run---as much as I want to stick a fork in both of them...a big fork.  But let's see the reality here, Philedephia's Chase Utley is already back and Howard is hitting in A ball.(and even though their pitching stinks, you just can't count them out just yet). The Miami's Mercenaries have the potential to win, the question remains, however, will Ozzie get them to?And let's not forget our Mets.So I'll raise the question to you, which team, judging on what you've seen so far, will rule the East?