As expected the Mets non-tendered John Maine last night.  They also non-tendered Sean Green (as local favorite 4D rejoices) and Chris Carter (as author Kingman rejoices).  To me there are no real surprises there.  I did not see a role for any of them with the Mets next year, especially at the MLB level.As for the ones coming back, these were no brainers.   Angel Pagan (the starting CF/RF), RA Dickey (the #2 non-flame thrower), and Mike Pelfrey (the de facto #1) all were tendered contracts as expected.So who is new?  According to Tracy Ringolsby of Fox Sports "The New York Mets have emerged as a strong contender for Francis, who they have offered a big-league contract and a legit shot at a spot in the rotation."  Thanks to Metsblog for the link.What we don't know is if Francis is combined with Chris Young as an either-or situation or if the Mets are actively pursuing 2 SP to add to the rotation.  Both Young and Francis have had recent injury issues and while neither could be counted on for 200 innings they are both very decent options to fill out a rotation that hopes to get it's Ace back in June.   With Francis only receiving a minor league deal from the Rockies, I can't imagine the cost being high if the Mets offer him an MLB deal.  If they can get Francis and Young for a total of 5M plus incentives I will consider that a good move by the new regime.As I listen to the MLB network on my way too and from work each day, they continue to play a sound bite from Sandy Alderson where he comments that it's no secret the Mets need to add depth to their rotation.  Adding these two would certainly go a long way towards that goal.  I have thought the logical path he would choose would be adding one guy that is a no doubt lock for the rotation if signed (Chris Young?), adding a guy to compete with Dillon Gee on a bargain type deal (Jeff Francis?) and bringing a Dickey type into AAA with a slight chance of making the roster either in place of Gee/Francis type or as the long reliever.This would bring the starting pitching depth up toPelfrey, Dickey, Niese, Young, Francis, Gee, PTBNL, Misch, MejiaI can deal with that as we wait for the return of Johan.