Mark Teahen (on the right) obviously NOT a steroid user.  Mr. Met (on the left) obviously a steroid user (look at the head, a dead give away).According to multiple reports Peter Gammons has linked the Mets to Mark Teahen of the Royals.   Many fans most likely do not know much about Teahen as he has played in KC where baseball stories go to die.   So lets take a look at this potential trade subject.Teahen is 27 years old.   He was drafted by the A's in 2002 in the 1st round (39th pick).   His professional debut was April 5th2005  with the Royals.   Mark struggled his rookie season finishing with an OPS of .685.   However, the following season Teahen had a break out season hitting .290   BA, .357 OBP, .517 SLG, .874  OPS.   Since then  he has put up solid but not spectacular seasons with the exception of  last year.   Last year his  OPS dropped to .715, this year it has rebounded to .791.    Teahen has 9 HR in 259 AB's which would tie him for the Mets team lead.Perhaps the most important stat for Teahen is this:   He has played games at 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, CF, and RF.   Teahen would provide the Mets a lot of protection at multiple positions and is under team control through 2011.In my opinion, Teahen would be the perfect fit for the Mets, what they would have to give I have no idea.   If the price was Parnell should the Mets be interested?