In the movie "A Few Good Men" a "Code Red" is a unwritten not talked about violent act of punishment done to an individual. Now in Oliver Perez's case there is no violence being done to him but you have to wonder if there isn't some form of unwritten not talked about punishment being given to him.Here is a little food for thought regarding how little Oliver Perez has been used these past 2 months. Below are the relief appearances for the last 2 months coming into the next to last game of the 2010 season.AugustERAG ▾GSIPSeptemberERAG ▾GSIP
Bobby Parnell3.721109.2
Pedro Feliciano6.751005.1
Manny Acosta5.0610010.2
Hisanori Takahashi1.5910011.1
Elmer Dessens4.50708.0
Ryota Igarashi3.38505.1
Francisco Rodriguez0.00404.2
Raul Valdes3.00203.0
Oliver Perez15.00203.0
Pedro Feliciano3.1422014.1
Elmer Dessens2.6316013.2
Hisanori Takahashi1.2013015.0
Manny Acosta2.161108.1
Bobby Parnell2.701006.2
Sean Green3.86807.0
Pat Misch*2.25723.1*
Raul Valdes8.22607.2
Ryota Igarashi10.38504.1
Oliver Perez4.50102.0
OK so coming into Saturday's game this is how it breaks down for the months of Aug/Sept by Relief Appearances.
  • 32/G 19.2/IP - Pedro Feliciano
  • 23/G 26.1/IP - Hisanori Takahashi
  • 23/G 21.2/IP - Elmer Dessens
  • 21/G 19.0/IP - Manny Acosta
  • 21/G 16.1/IP - Bobby Parnell
  • 10/G 09.2/IP - Ryota Igarashi
  • 08/G 10.2/IP - Raul Valdes
  • 08/G 07.0/IP - Sean Green
  • 05/G 03.1/IP - *Pat Misch  (only 3.1 of 16/IP were relief appearances)
  • 04/G 04.2/IP - Francisco Rodriguez
  • 03/G 05.0/IP - Oliver Perez
KROD who pitched his last game Aug 14th has more appearances in these last 2 months than Oliver Perez who for the record has been on roster since 7/21/2010. Sean Green who was called up 9/6/2010 has already appeared in 5 more games than Perez.The question remains why? Reports are that the Mets are going to permit Ollie to pitch in Mexico. Yet in a season that has long since been over the Mets refuse to allow Ollie to pitch in MLB Games. How is this considered a smart baseball move? Is this truly a form of punishment? In the end I am just dumbfounded by some of the strategies the Mets use.At least in the movie we had that Epic scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Where Kaffee (Tom Cruise) asks Col. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) "Did you order the Code Red?" Then Jessep replies "You're God**mned right I did!". I doubt we will get anything that comes close to that for example between the Wilpons and the Media or anyone else for that matter.