The Mets have just sat around and let this get bad. I understand it's tough since Dillon Gee and Johan Santana went on the DL and R.A. Dickey has not pitched well at all, but you see a team like the Yankees get Ichiro, a team like the New York Rangers get Rick Nash. Sure you have to give up assets, but to get something you have to give up something and when your 10 games up and first in the wild card don't you want to hold the fort down? I mean their has got to be some type of bullpen help out somewhere. The Yankees get creative and make trades.This is the same team who thought Jonathan Broxton and Joe Nathan were too expensive yet both are all stars. Sandy Alderson I understand doesn't want to give up prospects, but you can get creative I am sure. I almost feel it's too late now for this team and it really stinks because this team had something special going. Now the team doesn't hit and the rotation can't pitch anymore. Add to the fact that is the worst bullpen in baseball and Terry Collins is now in a tough spot. Now you send down Lucas Duda since he has been a huge disappointment this year. And you switch Pedro Beato for Manny Acosta when neither can pitch in the Majors. They are asking Matt Harvey, who I feel is not ready yet, to save this season.So much is being relied on Matt Harvey and people will blame Terry Collins, but it's not his fault. Look at what he has to work with. Dan Warthen in my mind needs to go as well. The bullpen has been surreal this year and should be embarrassed. I mean back to back collapses in extra innings I never saw that before. Will see if the Mets have anything left, but this ship is sinking. Doesn't it feel like a long time ago when Johan Santana threw that no hitter. Things have changed in a  hurry.