Let's just say, for the hell of it, that I'm a multi-billionaire with nothing to do with my money.  Just out of the blue, I happen to pick up a newspaper and see that the Mets are selling 25% of the team. I always wanted a piece of a major league franchise so after doing so basic math, I'm looking at a withdrawal of  about 2-3 hundred million from my local ATM if I want in.  A drop in the bucket.The following is a fictitious conversation between Fred Wilpon and my Billionaire self.Fred Wilpon:  So your interested in a partial share of my club.Gonzo:  Yes I am, after buying 3 islands, I've decided to invest my money and be a part of my favorite team.   How much do you want and who do I write the check out to?Fred: Great!  We're very excited.  Now if you please, write out a check for 250 million dollars and I'll have my secretary write you a receipt.  Oh by the way you don't have to put my real name on the check, just use my middle name...Cash.Gonzo:  Wow, I never thought it was that easy,  do you have a pen, I left my in my 3 bladed helicopter.Fred:  Sure, here, use my Philly pen.  I picked up for free from last years visit to Philadelphia.Gonzo:  Hey wait a second ( As I'm about to sign the check)  Exactly what I am getting for this?Fred: What ever do you mean? You will be a part owner of the Amazing Mets.Gonzo:  I know but do I get anything for it?  I want to do more than root for them, I'm about to hand over a lot of money.  Bottom line: what do I get to do?Fred: I understand!  First you will have a box seat in the front row for every game, just give me a few minutes to take the nameplate off it, but if your first name is Bernie, I could leave it on.Gonzo: Great! But how about some other things like......control?Fred:  I don't understand.Gonzo:  Do I get a say in who we can sign for a free agent?  How about trades?  Maybe a a little input about the concession stands?Fred:  All good ideas but no...no....and no.Gonzo: Do a get a say in ticket prices?Fred: Absolutely not.Gonzo:  Will I get my own SNY show?...I already have a name for it.  Gonzo gone wild: A Romp through the Major Leagues in my Buick.Fred:  No, sorry, Beer Money is our number 1 show and we are thinking about expanding it to Beer Money on Ice.Gonzo:  Geez, y'know I really want to spend my money but what do I get besides a box seats?Fred: A jersey with your name on it, a great parking space, free access to the whole field, unlimited Shake Shack meals and for the kicker........your own office overlooking 5 exclusive body shops at Willets Point.  Not to mention the fact that the Mets might be the greatest tax write off in American history.Gonzo: Deal! I never was good at money decisions but the point I'm looking to make here is this:  Why would someone invest in the Mets with no control over anything whatsoever?  I love the Mets and I sincerely hope the Wilpons can get out under this mess but honestly, if I'm a potential buyer, what do the Mets have to offer me?  A share in the profits? My name on a seat?According to Jeff Wilpon, there are people that are interested.  I'm just curious to know who and what kind of deal they are willing to settle for.Your thoughts?