I was doing my morning reading across Mets blog land, knowing I shouldn't go back.  You know that feeling when you have a past with someone or something.  You always think about the good times and while you are jaded about how it ended you can't help but think today will be the day that things are different.  Isn't that the feeling after the way 2006 ended?  How about 2007?  Still didn't learn did we?  2008, cautious but right back into the trap.  While 2009-2012 have been dark years that have seriously divided and jaded the fan base, I have to wonder what is behind it all?Is it just the losing and heartbreak since the final out of 2006?  The team has seemingly been unable to get out of their own way since, becoming no matter what the roster a team that can't finish the 2nd half.  The core itself is gone and only Wright remains, see this later.  The managers have changed, pitching coaches have changed (although not enough), hitting coaches have changed, GMs and their assistants have changed and even the stadium has changed.  Yet as a base we seem to be growing more and more divided.  Is it the fact that the Mets losing has given us nothing to talk about?Is it the old school vs new in terms of saber vs traditional?  My morning ride consisted of  one of the MLBN guys go on and on about how saber stats were missing the mark because they used the quality start over wins?  Really?  Seriously? Did I miss that paragraph in the Fangraphs handbook?  Do the ones in favor of traditional stats even understand what saber stats are even about?  Trying to quantify wins?  So maybe that's it?Maybe not?  Maybe it's the big spending vs the small market mentality that has divided the base?  I mean we do root for a NY team and the team across town is doing all they can to get their payroll under 200M which is twice what the Mets started the season with.  But the Mets have been, while not that high, one of the biggest spenders in the NL over the past decade.Maybe it's the Wilpons?  Seems easy to blame them for the divide among Mets fans.  They do seem to represent what has been wrong with the Mets for a score of years or more.  However, see the previous paragraph, while they should be held accountable for who they trust their money with (see Madoff and Omar) they have also spent when money was available.  Do they perhaps walk a fine line between being a baseball business and being an entertainment business?  Obviously.  They seem to  have always desired more back pages than front.Unfortunately it's seeming more and more, maybe due to a combination of the things above that the scapegoat is going to be something dark and ugly that no team wants to face.  It appears more and more likely from reading many different Mets blogs that the battle lines will be drawn by race.  As much as you try to make sense of it, fight the divide, the more it becomes apparent that it isn't going away.  From the ridiculousness of some fans accusing Omar of bringing in only Hispanic players, to the ludicrous accusations that the Mets don't want African American players/managers for their mostly white fan base (thanks Willie) to now the barrage of new fans saying that the teetotaler Wilpons fired Omar because the Hispanic infusion backfired and have now brought in Sandy to in fact turn the team into the straight laced pretty boys.It has become so evident that many believe that there is a racial problem in the Mets organization itself.  Martino seems to pen one article per month to garner clicks about this very topic.  But why does he do it?  Why is he allowed to make these unsubstantiated claims?  Because people click.  Which brings me back to my second paragraph.  The fact that David Wright is now the face of the franchise and Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Pedro and for all intents and purposes Johan are all gone, it seems that there is no going back for these fans who have been heartbroken to see their favorite players pushed aside.  Because of course there is no other reason to them that these guys are gone other than race, it has to be it.So when I see a place that I respected that has taken the Mets blogosphere by storm have a lead story after last nights thrilling win accusing the Mets players of racism and poor treatment of one of their teammates with a pie in the face and a spanking at home plate where the player is seen smiling and laughing like he was a kid that finally belonged on the playground with the big kids and then I see the comments of many fans jumping on board, I finally have to ask myself this question. Am I missing something great or are they?Side note: Please keep this discussion about the topics presented and not the blogs or columnist mentioned as that is not my point or purpose.  This is a legitimate question and a discussion that I think only TRDM comment section is capable of having.