Like all Mets fans I was elated when Ike Davis ended Saturday's game with his walk-off pinch-hit GRAND SLAM homerun.  This was for many reasons including the fact that while I have hammered Ike with many barrels in my Di-Jest articles he has handled his situation admirably.  His teammates clearly like and respect him.  I couldn't think of anyone else who better deserves to be the guy to turn that defeat into a victory.

After the game I watched the on-field interview of Ike.  My greatest hope was that the boorish whipped cream in the face routine was now gone with Justin Turner to LA.  No such luck.  

There was the totally predictable pie routine but perpetrated by someone I would never have expected it from: Jon Niese.
This bothers me on a whole bunch of levels.

The idea of a player having his interview interrupted by receiving a surprise pie in the mush is pretty funny the first time or first few times it happens.  When it happens over and over and over again and when the player, the interviewer, and every fan knows it is coming then it's just plain stupid.

I thought that among the reasons the team let Turner go this offseason was his role as pie-thrower-in-chief.  And perhaps they thought that this ridiculous practice would be gone when the player was.

On Sunday morning I saw this aricle at ESPN:http://

What really bums me out is the last sentence in which Niese says: "If I get to it first, then I guess it will be my responsibility.”

Responsibility?   Responsibility?

What is this military service or something?

Someone HAS to throw a pie into a player's face?   Why?   Who finds this funny anymore?

I concede that I am decades older than these players and while I write (or at least try to write) humor articles at this blog I am kind of an old stick in the mud when it comes to professionalism.   Do your job.  Take the game seriously.  You want to celebrate a game winner when you've clinched a playoff spot - sure-  have at it.  But this team has been nothing short of awful for half a decade.   You just won a game in dramatic fashion on Saturday.  Why be sophomoric about it?

And specifically that it was Niese!

For some reason I always got a young Andy Pettitte vibe from Jon.  I went out of my way to acquire him on my Strat O Matic team and I'm smart enough to not do that with most Mets.  He just seemed to have his sh*t together and my respect for him has certainly been lessened seeing him be the one to dish out the whipped cream.

I sort of expected that the perpetrator would be Eric Young Jr.  He seems to fit the mold, like Turner, of someone who contributes little to nothing to the team but would try to be the clubhouse cut-up.  

So I guess we now know that for the foreseeable future every time a Met comes up with a game-winning hit (and, seriously, how often does that figure to happen?) we'll be seeing Niese or someone else interrupt the post-game interview with this nonsense.

After all it is someone's "responsibility."