Aside from seeing a horrendous B team, or perhaps C team today, and another lackluster performance by Mr. Redding, there was another constant source of annoyance over at Citi today."Sweet Caroline" was back, just now in the 5th inning t-shirt launch spot.   Fans were "treated" to this song which quite creepily was originally written and released about a then 12 year old or younger Caroline Kennedy.neil_moods1Aside from the possible arrest and notification Neil Diamond should have been giving whenever he moved into a new neighborhood, I have no gripes about this song.   In fact, last Friday when at the Mets/Sox game in Boston, I had a great time singing it with the Fenway Faithful as if it was "Living on a prayer" in a college bar.   But that is where Mets management or whomever decides on the music and in game activities should leave it.It is and has been a Boston Red Sox 8th inning sing-a-long for about 12 years now, and this just embarrasses me as a fan when it is played anytime during a Mets game.   What happened to "I'm a Believer" last year?   That fit the Mets PERFECTLY and I would sing it, as well as many many around me.   "Sweet Caroline" is greeted daily with boos, and they are quite audible.Anyway, I don't want to go too much further in this post because honestly, I don't know what will ever get them to change this, but I needed to vent.   The song needs to go and to move it to the 5th inning today just shows that for some crazy reason, the Mets feel the need to drive this down our throats even though true fans or just baseball fans obviously hate it here in NY.If anyone from the Mets ever reads this, Please for the love of god, go back to just "Meet the Mets" or "I'm a managementBeliever" and burn your copy of "Sweet Caroline" for good.Hey, but at least the Mets don't play "Cotton Eye Joe" and show a "live" control room of people dancing like another certain franchise, that is pathetic and embarassing any way you cut it.