The Mets farm system has developed a lot of position players who have graduated to the Major Leagues in recent years. Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy and Kirk Nieuwenhuis are a few of them. These hitters have had a varied amount of success and don’t seem to be good enough as a whole to bring the Mets back to the playoffs. The offense has been mediocre and inconsistent this year and they shouldn’t expect many reinforcements in the coming years from the Minor Leagues in the way of position players. The Mets farm system has improved and has strong pitching throughout the minors. Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Jenry Mejia in the high minors and pitchers like Michael Fulmer and Domingo Tapia in the low minors. In addition to the pitching depth the organization has, pitching prospects are risky and many tend to fail. The Mets have a nice core of young position players on the Major League roster but they could use another player or two. Unfortunately the top hitters in the farm system are either years away from the majors (Aderlin Rodriguez, Brandon Nimmo, etc.) or lack upside (Juan Lagares, Reese Havens). Wilmer Flores’ prospect hype has cooled even though he has put together a very strong year and he is the one prospect with the upside and ability to make it to the majors soon, but there is no guarantee he will pan out. A move Sandy Alderson should consider is trading prospects in the minor leagues for a couple of veteran hitters under team control in the next couple of seasons. Finding a player to trade who meets those criteria is easier said than done but there are probably some out there. A Justin Upton would cost a lot but might be worth the prospects If not a superstar type player, the Mets could target a hitter on a slightly lower tier. Everyone loves the hype and excitement prospects bring, but even many of the best prospects fail and there is something to be said for knowing what you’re getting. If the Mets don’t do something and make a move or two, they will be left trying to pick up scraps in free agency or stuck with the same offense for years to come.