One year ago today Mets manager Willie Randolph was fired following a west coast win over the Angels. The passing of the pink-slip took place very early in the morning, or a little after midnight on the west coast.   The storm that ensued was tremendous, as every media outlet known to man (or at least it seemed that way at the time) assualted the Mets' upper management for the circumstances surrounding the overnight firing. This was the most embarrassing moment for the Mets since the previous September collapse, and would hold that title until the following September's collapse.Two words: Oy vey.I dug up thoughts from some of our very own TRDMB members and authors to see what was on the minds of Mets fans this time last year..."I just want them to play well (and hard), and make some smart moves in the off season so the 2009 team will be good. The changes made between now and opening day (manager, FO and on the field) are crucial for the LT (long-term) success of this team." -stickguyTurns out Omar made some smart moves (Frankie) as well as some bonehead moves (Ollie)."I was all for firing Willie, but the way this was handled is embarrassing to me as a lifetime Mets fan. Bumbling, unprofessional, and inane." -gipper82475I agree to an extent, but generally firings aren't pleasant for all parties involved."I'm not trying to excuse the Mets...but do people remember that the Yankees did similar things to Torre over the past few years? It's not just us...we already get a bad enough rap as a "mickey mouse" organization by news outlets, other fans and even some of our own fans...don't make it worse by not looking at other teams who have done the same." -mroseWise words as always by the infamous mrose!"Amazing - Omar could talk for hours and say absolutely nothing." -MetsFan4DecadesAnd we still mock Omar's press conferences to this day..."The warrior Church... Glad to see he's on his way back." -DirtysanchezOr so you thought! I'm not sure he ever fully recovered."I wonder what it would take to get Carlos Lee's contract off of Drayton McClain's hands." -There's Always '09Haven't I seen this same question posed by TRDMB members within the past week or so?We may have a slew of new questions and doubts about this year's team, but the results so far have only bit slightly better...standings2On this date the 2008 Mets were 3.5 games further out of first place in the division than the 2009 team, while sitting one game below .500 compared to the four games above .500 2009 Amazin's. The 2008 team was about to catch fire though - winning 17 or their next 26 games (.654) heading into the All-Star break. The current Mets will have to go 16-8 until the break this season to follow this brutish pace.rsra1The 2008 Mets had scored only .13 more runs per game than they allowed per game (through June 17th), and the 2009 Mets have scored only .10 more runs per game than allowed. Yes, this year's team actually has a lower run differential than last year's team on this date. However, it should be noted that the 15-0 loss over the weekend likely skewed the numbers in favor of 2008.So what does this all mean? With all the team changes between then and now (manager, coaching staff, players), but despite all this year's injuries, the 2009 Mets aren't all that different from the the 2008 Mets. Yes, our bullpen is better, but our starting pitching has been worse - and last time I checked, runs given up in the 9th inning count just as much as runs given up in the first. The offenses have been similar, but with the pending re-arrivals of some lost Mets (Reyes, Delgado, Putz, Wagner, Maine, and Ollie to name a few) this year's team has a chance to take to overcome last year's misery.