I have seen lately a lot of discussion around how much of the problems with the Mets falls on Omar Minayaand how much falls on the current ownership. How much how little or who is to blame exactly? Tough questions indeed.1064377_puppet_on_a_stringThere are signs that suggest Minaya is more of a puppet who unlike Pinocchio who had no strings to call his own Minaya's strings are being pulled by Jeff Wilpon. For example John Ricco holding a conference call to discuss events that only Omar Minaya was privy to that only resulted in making things worse with Ricco at times pleading the 5th when asked certain questions. Some speculate if the lack of moves this off season is more to Minaya having his hands tied by ownership. A notion that let's face it is almost impossible to prove.Since Fred Wilpon became the sole owner of the Mets back on August 23, 2002 the Mets are 581 - 586 that isa .497 win percentage. Here are some highlights.
YearRecordPlace- Highlights -
200970 - 924thMets sign Francisco Rodriguez
200889 - 732ndMets trade for Johan Santana
200788 - 742ndScott Schoeneweis signs / 2006 draft pick Joe Smith makes team
200697 - 651stMets trade for Carlos Delgado win NL East, win NLDS
200583 - 793rdCarlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez signs - Minaya era begins
200471 - 914thDavid Wright makes debut 7/21/2004
200366 - 955thJose Reyes makes debut 8/10/2003
200217 - 175thFred Wilpon became sole owner of Mets 8/23/2002
-Starting in 2003 Wilpon's team improved every year going from 5th/2003, 4th/2004, 3rd/2005, and finally 1st in 2006.Is that rise due to ownership? Maybe it has more to do with the rise of Jose Reyes and David Wright. Reyes and Wright came on the scene and renewed hope in a franchise that the future was bright. Even though Omar Minaya would not become GM till 2005 he may have helped plant the seeds that was Wright & Reyes.Omar Minaya was assistant GM and in charge of International Scouting under then GM Steve Phillips when Jose Reyes signed with the Mets in 1999. Omar Minaya was also Senior assistant GM and in charge of International Scouting under then GM Steve Phillips when David Wright was drafted back in 2001. How much of an influence if any at all Minaya had in the signing of Wright & Reyes I don't know I tried to find more info and was unsuccessful.When Omar Minaya became GM in 2005 he signed Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez. The "New" New York Mets era began. Minaya's Mets finished 3rd in 2005 and in 2006 with Minaya having traded for slugger 1st baseman Carlos Delgado the Mets finished in 1st place for the 1st time in the division since 1988.Since 2006 the Mets have had 2 (or 1 depending on your view) epic collapses in 2007, 2008. A poorly handled west coast managerial firing. A total meltdown accusing a member of the media with publishing stories painting longtime friend Tony Bernazard in a negative light to further his career with the Mets and probably the most injuries ever in a single season to affect a team's star players in 2009 and if that wasn't enough it was compounded by reports of multiple medical misdiagnosis of star players or the perception at least that the Front Office just was not on the same page with their medical staff. Add to the mix what was Citi Fields inaugural season, complaints from fans that there was not enough done celebrating Mets history and too much done to celebrate the late Great Jackie Robinson.Who is to blame for 2009? Take your pickA. OwnershipB. MinayaC. ManuelD. World Baseball ClassicE. Medical StaffF. None of the aboveG. All of the aboveH. otherI am sure that I only scratched the surface but the thing is when you look at all this I find it hard to say it's just one person's fault. Is ownership not allowing Minaya to sign players? Does Minaya simply see little value out there in the free agent market and is holding back on trades to give the farm system a chance to grow? These are all plausible scenarios.Personally I lost faith in Minaya in 2009 not because I blame him for the injuries but because I felt his wait for the cavalry approach in waiting for the players to get back   rather than going out and trying to find Wright help especially when Beltran went down was the wrong approach plus add allowing your manager to publicly express this idea that there wasn't much you can do without your horses. I've had many say they don't agree with my views and while I respect their opinion I still stand by mine. Maybe Minaya is but a puppet and the blame should lie with ownership. I admit lately I am beginning to wonder if that is just the case. If it is ownership what then? It's been reported the Wilpons do not intend on selling the team anytime soon so what can we do to show our dissatisfaction? I leave that for you to decide. Time will tell I guess who is to blame but for now I'll continue to stand by my opinions. What is good about that is it's just an opinion.Now Opening Day fast approaches and there is a feeling that the winds of change are blowing and both Minaya and Manuel's future depends on how well the team performs in 2010.Here's to hoping 2010 the Mets fortunes turn in their favor.