As I wrote here on September 11th: Mets Will Need A Strong Finish To Match Last Year's Win Total

"To match last year's win total the Mets (64-79) would need to go 10-9 over it's last 19 games. "

Currently in the first 15 games of that stretch the Mets are 9-6 with 4 games left to play vs the 71-87 Brewers.  Needing just one more win to match last year's total, a split in the series would give the Mets more wins than the previous year for the first time since 2010.  

Of course the buzz is on every Mets blog about should they be trying to win, should we be rooting for a loss, blah, blah, blah...

For one, I just enjoy Mets baseball that's the first part.  For two, I just enjoy Mets wins.  For three, I just enjoy any Mets wins in September.

Do these wins really matter?  I am guessing to the Mets players they do.  Of course in the grand scheme, the difference in finishing 73-89 instead of 75-87 appears completely and totally meaningless to the fans eye.  But does it mean something in terms of what the Mets are trying to do?  Does two wins show the Mets are making progress where 4 losses show a step back?  In some ways I believe yes.  

Those two wins would give the Mets 13 wins in September for the first time since 2008. Considering where the Mets were on September 12th having just been swept by the Nationals and starting September 2-9 to then close the season winning 11 games and going 11-6 during that span would show a fight that hasn't been present in the Mets to close a season since uh well yeah, I can't remember the last time they finished a season strong.