It's happening slowly but happening nevertheless, The Ghost Town.   We should know by now that everytime we play Atlanta they always the weakest link and tonight they found it, right in the first inning.   Our second fan favorite, right behind Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo.   So because Jeff and Fred couldn't part with Castillo's 6 million for next year( and whatever they owe him this year) we have to watch him botch yet another double play and go for a measly 1-3.  You mean Ruben Tejada couldn't do better?   I mean at the plate it's a wash but on the field, at least Ruben could move a little bit faster.   Ken Rosenthal said that Omar offered the Cubs Castillo and Perez for Zambrano and they gave a resounding NO.   Zambrano might be the   biggest head case on the planet and they still didn't want any part of Castillo and Perez.   You think Omar is praying to every God he read in a Humanities Book that some team claims these two players off of waivers?   While he's at it, maybe he should but the whole Coaching Staff on waivers as well because nobody on the bench seems to be doing their job of making this team play with some urgency.So, as the Mets fall again, I will slowly convert Citi Field into the Ghost Town of the Old West.   The first to go...the Shake Shack.   I'm turning that into  an Old Casino.   Remember the one in the movies...there's a roulette wheel thats unused and a poker table just sitting there with  empty chairs around it.   Hey, there's a bar!   but don't get excited,  it's dry as a bone.   The bartender hangs out with an old man who used to be the dealer in a corner.   If we hang our there long enough, maybe the Outlaw Josey Wales will come in and shoot somebody.  Sad I know but what do you think Citi Field is going to look like in September?  Omar, Jeff, and Fred I hope you know what your doing for next year.