The other day Dave Seminara of the NY Times wrote an article that looked at the MLB preseason prognostications made by the pundits. He looked at 133 baseball writers at 19 publications and sites.The article talks about how not one person picked the A's or the Orioles to make the playoffs with some like Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports going so far as to say the Orioles are a “sorry franchise” that was “ headed for its 15th straight losing season.”I went through 83 of those 133 baseball writers to see how well they did at picking the AL & NL Division & Wildcard winners. As Seminara said not one of them picked either the Orioles or the A's to make the playoffs. They did however all pick the Tigers to win the AL Central.From a total of 10 categories to choose from them being the AL/NL East,Central and West Div. winners and 2 AL/NL Wildcards only 9 of the 83 got at least 50% of their picks correct with 2 getting 60% of their picks correct.The 2 that got 60% you ask? It wasn't Joel Sherman & Buster Olney. They only got 10% of their picks correct. No the 2 that got 60% are Peter Pascarelli of ESPN Radio & Carolina Guillen of ESPN Deportes.The 7 that got 50% correct are:
  • Pedro Gomez - ESPN
  • Adam Rubin - ESPN New York
  • Tom Verducci - Sports Illustrated
  • Ted Keith - Sports Illustrated
  • Stephen Cannella - Sports Illustrated
  • George A. King III - New York Post
  • Dan Martin - New York Post
To view the rest of the pundits and the choices they made click here.As an added bonus I looked at two of the more popular sites on the net Metsmerizedonline and AmazinAvenue preseason picks to see how they fared as well. To view their results click below.Metsmerizedonline ResultsAmazinAvenue Results