Yesterday's trade for Collin CowgillMets Acquire Collin Cowgillgot me thinking are there other names out there to look to maximize the possible platoons for the Mets in the OF.  Unless the Mets get Cody Ross or make a splash trade for a true OF it's possible the Mets could be looking at platoon situations in 2 or maybe even all three of the OF spots.It appears that Cowgill is a natural match to pair with Kirk.  As mentioned yesterday his splits fit nicely with that of our current CF.With Duda and Baxter being the most logical in house options in LF and RF and with the earlier signing of Jamie Hoffman who looks a lot like the RH version of Baxter that only leaves a needed occasional platoon guy for Duda. This guy would ideally need to be able to play other positions on the field including 1B and obviously be RH.In steps the great Russ Canzler who was just released by the Indians yesterday to make room for Mark Reynolds. I know, sexy name but remember in this situation we have decided to go with platoons galore.Russ Canzler is a 26 year old RH LF and 1B.  He has 102 MLB PA with a
yet what is intriguing is his splits:
Of course the sample size police will be out to get me in a flash, as well they should as that line is in only 31 PA.  However, while the splits have not been as heavy he has shown the ability in AAA to produce.  Through 1088 PA in AAA Canzler has:
with 40 HR and 162 RBI.Obviously I know next to nothing about his fielding as UZR wouldn't do justice, often it doesn't anyway, for someone with such a small sample.  What I do know is that in the minors while he has played more 1B (448) but has also played LF (112), RF (68), and 3B (126) and 47 more unidentified OF games.  On the major league level he has played 11 games in LF and 8 at 1B.While we have no idea what the Mets bench will look like one can assume the following:Buck will most likely start and the Mets will try and find someone worse than Buck to sit on the bench until TDA is ready... yeah actually worse than Buck.  Good luck with that.Cowgill and Hoffman are bets for now.  That's 3.  Assuming the Mets carry 12 pitchers as usual they will need a 5 man bench.  That leaves two spots.  Cranzler could take one of those spots as a RH hitter with pop off the bench leaving the last spot for a guy who can back up 2B and SS.  I am not sure the team trusts Turner enough to be the backup SS.  Of course all this leaves out Jordany but with a team so dominant with LH he doesn't fit the role as a platoon partner and his middle IF defense is so atrocious that keeping him as the backup utility IF would be a risk.Anyway, back to Canzler.  Suggestions or thoughts?  Other names, Wanny, that we should consider?