It's April 15th and I'm not looking for someones head.  I'm not ready to blame the starting pitching or bullpen.  I'm not putting any player on notice.  I'm not looking at the front office in any way.  No, I don't want the team to be sold.Not yet.Like I said, it's in the middle of April and I, for one, am not ready to push any panic button or declare any game a "must win."But I will admit that this has been a tough week watching the Mets-in all sorts of ways.  I'm not going to go through some grueling details about what went right(very little) or what went wrong ( a lot, but we're trying to stay positive), but after seeing Collins yesterday I must admit I have a feeling that things are going to get better simply because they can't get any worse. A couple of observations about the Rockies series if you have a minute or two.  If  Tulowitzki is hitting every pitch out of the infield or the ball park, why can't someone just dust him off the plate a bit?  Hey Parnell, are you listening?  You throw 95.  How about a little chin music instead of serving up a nice flat fast ball.  If I'm Sandy, I'm trying to find a way of signing Reyes.  What the hell happened to the outfielders yesterday during Dickey's game?  And lastly, I never saw a score change so much in 15 minutes. One second the Mets are up by 2 and cruising, 3 beers later, there down by 4 and scrambling!  And now the Mets are going to try to get back on track...... by playing three in Atlanta!  That means I'm going to have to  stock up on Captain Morgan this weekend.The Mets and their fans are going to have to forget this last week.  It hurt a lot.  Personally,  I feel like the kid who went to the doctor thinking I was getting a check-up only to find out I need three booster shots in my arm.  I didn't expect it but like a man, I'll endure it.I'll just cry when I get home.