Thanks to Metsblog, ESPN NY and Mike Puma for the responses:David Wright:"Fred is a good man and is obviously going through some difficult times. There is nothing more productive that I can say at this time."Terry Collins:On Wilpons saying the Mets are S***ty"I'm not going to get into that comment. I can't."On this being a distraction"These guys are professionals and I don’t think a lot of that stuff fazes them"- Obviously Terry and David understand public relations better than Fred does. Being that today is an off day, this is probably the worst timing for this kind of story to come out. After imploding yesterday at Yankee Stadium, their boss basically thinks his team is s***. I dont listen to Mike F on WFAN but im sure he is licking his chops to get Fred back in the studio to explain this one. I think most Met fans agree with some of the stuff Fred said but his honesty is not the problem with what he said. Its the fact he is a businessman trying to sell a product to a dejected fan base, a mission he has been on since Citifield opened up(coming after two collapses) and to come out now and say that his product is s**t! I guess attendance cannot really get any worse and I expect the players to be professional enough to play through this. Where I feel the most ramifications from these statements will manifests itself is with Sandy Alderson's task to get this team back to respectability. Its true some players are into the money and will play for the highest bidder but like we saw with Cliff Lee, player preference will sometimes over rule their paycheck. Like Wright said...there is nothing more productive to say at this time.