After last nights debacle and a close door meeting, many of us waited to see what the interviews would hold.   What did Manuel provide us?   Soundbites.   It now appears as Jerry has had a change of heart.   Why?   Did he see something in the game last night that made him a believer?   Did someone say something in the meeting that made him have faith?   Chances are the answer is no.   So why the change of heart?   First lets think why Jerry made the we are not good enough comments to start with.   In my opinion this was just Jerry being Jerry.   He thought he could use the media to put pressure on Omar AND challenge his players in the only way he knows how, tear them down and build them up.   It's what he has attempted to do to Church, Murphy and even Castillo and none have worked well unless you think that is why Castillo has played better this season.   So if that is the only way Jerry knows how to motivate, why the sudden change?   Could it be pressure from Omar or could it be pressure from the players?   What was said in this meeting?   I know a few last night said that Wright came out in support of his manager but I disagree, to me he called him out."I think we have enough, but we have to do the little things right," he said. "We have to prepare the right way. We have to really do things and win based on preparation and based on doing those small things right. We can't go out there and beat people purely with talent."Who is in charge of making sure the team does the little things right?   Who is in charge of making sure they prepare the right way?   The players have the talent, Jerry is in charge of putting it together and so far it's not working.