Whether or not the Mets sign Jose Reyes this offseason, you can expect a similar round of drama with David Wright in 2012.  In fact, the speculation has already begun.If the Mets sign Reyes, it's said, there is a good chance Wright will be traded.  This speculation is based on the fact that the Wilponzis will have a hard time affording both players.  Every day, a media outlet or blog reports that a team is showing interest.  Whether or not the Mets sign Reyes, and they start 2012 with Wright, the talk will shift to: "Will they trade him by the trade deadline?"  If he's still on the team after the trade deadline, talk will shift to: "Will they re-sign him?"Sound familiar?  We just went through all of that with Reyes in 2011, and we're still in the "re-sign" phase.Frankly, Wright has looked very replaceable the last 3 years.  He contracted a rare psychological disease called "16-Foot Wall Syndrome" and only hit 10 homers in a full season in 2009.  He recovered in 2010 to hit a more Wright-like 29 HRs, but his batting average was only ("only" by David's standards) .283, and his strikeouts ballooned to Mark Reynoldsian proportions.  While he missed time with injury in 2011, Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy outperformed him while taking his spot at third base.  Turner also showed a more accurate arm than Wright.  And at times, Lord help us, so did Murphy.What's the point?  The point is there is a legitimate chance that Wright will be traded or allowed to walk via free agency.  And the Mets have legitimate replacements in Turner and Murphy.  They are very thin in the starting rotation, and may need to give up some value in a trade to bolster it.If Wright returns in 2012, his CitiField phobia may be cured, as most people feel that a change in outfield dimensions are all but assured.  If that's the case, he may open Sandy Alderson's eyes in the same way Reyes did in 2011.  Either way, get ready for some more drama.