According to Baseball Reference, David Wright leads the National League in Wins Above Replacement (WAR) with 6.1.  Only Mike Trout (9.1) has more in all of major league baseball.That (among other stats - I'm not a big proponent of WAR as the ultimate measure of a player) shows you what kind of year Wright is having.  It also shows you what beast Mike Trout has been this year.ESPN's Mark Simon points out that a big reason for Wright's WAR is his defense.  He has saved 14 runs from fielding, second only to Brett Lawrie.  That's the most he's had in a season in his career.  In fact, in all but 3 full seasons, that metric has been a negative number (he's cost the team runs) for Wright.  When you drill down even further, it's apparent that this has been the best defensive season of Wright's career.He's committed 10 errors, the fewest of his career (He had 11 Es in his rookie season of 2004, when he only played 603.2 innings in the field).  His fielding percentage, flawed as the statistic is, sits at a career best .968.  That's as a third baseman - he had a grand total of 2 chances at shortstop this year.  His range factor per 9 innings (2.44) is above league average.  And his 1.8 dWAR is the most of his career.Anecdotally, he's looked much better in the field as well.  His throwing motion is more mechanically correct, and he's been more consistent in general.Anyway, just click here, and you can see for yourself.  Could more goooold be in David's future?