This weekend marks the end of the summer for me.   The last weekend of watching the Mets and like the title reads, I will be watching them.   I have to, their my team.   And just so you know, I just finished watching the Nationals sweep the Mets out of Washington via a grand slam and the Phillies wrap up the East.I'm a masochist, a glutton for punishment, I need help, therapy and beer- but then again, I'm a Mets fan.   I stick by them and  I take pride in that.   I'm not a fair weather fan who only likes a team when they win.My plan this weekend is to watch the  Friday and Saturday  game and listen to the last game on the  radio.   The Mets are summer to me. It's part of my summer routine- 6:30 pregame, 7:00 start and lets end it with SNY's post game.   If they were  ending the season on the West Coast, a triple expresso  would be on the schedule as well.The Mets and the summer, I dare you to find something better.Next week, there will be baseball, just not MY baseball.   I'll be rooting against all the teams that I hate.   Fun, yes, but not half as fun watching the Mets.I know, I need serious help.So on Sunday during the 9th inning, I'll run to my fridge and grab a cold beer and think about all the times the Mets have given me.   And although this year doesn't have many,   I have enough to get me through this cold winter.  I plan to tune into Howie Rose and Wayne Hagan of WFAN and reminisce about  Bob Murphy talking about "Honey Do" time.   He always called a great game.There will be plenty of time to discuss trades and signings but for the last weekend for what seems like a very long time, I will watch the Mets and hope and pray that next year whatever curse this team had on it will go to another team and we will get the last laugh.I could only hope.Until then I will try to enjoy the last weekend with the Mets.   And even though they are bad, bad Mets baseball is better than no Mets baseball at all.