I remember last year around this time when I wrote about how the Phillies weren't the storybook team they were the year before.  Some reader responded that the whole article sounded like "sour grapes".  Looking back on that article now, yea it definitely was.  I hated the Phillies just as much last year as I do today.(What Met fan doesn't?)I'll admit it, I hate the Phillies because they're what the Mets should be.  Their GM is smart and their players play hard.  But I still don't care.  I could still hate them. With last nights win over the Giants, I hate them even more.  I will continue to root against them for the entire playoffs and  possibly the World Series. Is it sour grapes?  Yea, it might be but so what.  Ask a Phillie fan if they would root for the Mets.  You think a Yankee fan will root for Boston?  I'll accept the fact that the Phillies are better, in fact, way better than the Mets but I still won't root for them under any circumstances.  So watching the Phillies drop the opener to the Giants was a great Saturday night, coupled with the tough Yankee loss too.   Needless to say, I want to see a Texas/Giants Fall Classic-to hell with how boring it might be. Hey, while I'm at it, I hate the Braves too, and I'm glad they lost in the first round.  Bobby Cox had his time and won his championships and I'm happy for him.  I played the smallest violin the day the Braves lost to the Giants.   I'm sure their fans were upset too, the ones that actually showed up to the game.  They did a pan around the stadium and I saw the Upper Deck of Turner Field with empty seats.  Some fans just don't know how lucky they are.As far as the Yankees go.  Are you kidding?  The only thing better than watching Texas win is watching Texas celebrate in Yankee Stadium.  I know it sounds cruel but every Yankee fan I know tells me that  regardless of what happens this year-their getting Cliff Lee in the Offseason.   Here I am hoping to get a decent GM and I've got every Yankee fan setting up their rotation for next year. Amazing.So I'll sit down tonight and root Lee on and hopefully watch the Phillies  lose in San Fran tomorrow- one can hope right?Sour Grapes? Yea, but it's all in good fun and besides, that's the beauty of baseball right?  Deep down I'm enjoying all of it.  Winter is right around the corner and besides waching football once a week  I got to start searching the channels for the old Star Trek Reruns and await the Spring until there is life again in the ball parks all around the country.