Amidst all the debate about the demise of the Mets, one popular statement seems to be that the Mets can't replace all the parts they are missing with one bat. This to me has to be one of the biggest cop-out statements I have heard this year.   This is Omar's version of Manuel's constant comments on the lack of talent in the lineup.   Look there is no doubt that we are NOT going to get 1 bat that can replace Reyes, Delgado and Beltran.   Thus, we are not going to be as good as we would if all were here and healthy.   However, they are not and we are trying to "tread" water until they return.   The guys we currently have, obviously either can't swim or are starting to cramp up from swiming with so much weight on their shoulders.So what spot can Omar improve that will make a huge impact?   1B, SS, CF, 2B? Lets step away from that and not focus on what spot this guy plays on defense but instead focus on one spot in the order.I have reported this stat before but it still applies in July the same way it did in May and June.  
BA .227OBP .290SLG .325OPS .615  GIDP 14
Those INCREDIBLY ugly numbers are that of the Mets #6 hitter for the year.   Compare that the other teams in the division.  Phillies
BA .299OBP .363SLG .503OPS .866  GIDP 6
 BA .230OBP .338SLG .405OPS .744  GIDP 9
BA .277OBP .344SLG .365OPS .709  GIDP 6
BA .234OBP .351SLG .369OPS .720  GIDP 8
(Stats courtesy of Baseball ReferenceLooking at those numbers how is it possible that if you replace those numbers with league average numbers you don't score more runs? The Mets have already played 26 1 run games this season, 10 more games than they have played in blowouts (+- 5 runs).   To me the best course Omar can take is to be active.   Don't try and replace 3 players with one bat, just make an improvement over what we have and then start over again.