CitiField NewFeat_ImageSometimes it's the little things that save you.I've been absent a lot from this blog.  Baseball hasn't been the same for me for a while now...about a year and a half ago, my father, a huge Yankee fan, passed away.Baseball has taken a back seat since then.  It just seemed non important now that the one person who I loved to talk baseball with is gone.But then something happened about a month ago.  My 12 year old son became a huge Met fan.   Now it is he that watches the games, it is he that wants to know the score, it's he that wants to know when the Mets are going to own New York again....most of all, it is he that is excited to see the Mets play.So after I painted his room orange and blue(that's right, every other wall.  You talk about a paint job and a half!) I decided to take my son to a Met Game.....yesterday's Met game.   To tell you the truth, I haven't been to game with him since the last game at Shea before it was demolished....he says he remembers it.The drive was all too familiar, I've done it so many times.  I paid for parking, and for the first time, I used to be a Season Ticket Holder,  I went to a window and bought two upper deck seats....I figured we were barely going to sit down the whole game....we never did before.After buying a large beer, my son and I proceeded to the upper deck and to be honest, I have never seen him so a way, it made me excited too.And then a Met employee by the name of Stu Cohen walked up to us and gave us two field level seats."I saw your son with the glove"  And he handed over two seats next to the giant apple in center field.  My son and I were estactic.  Y'know, I always hear of people getting upgraded but it never happened to me, until now.  I shook his hand and thanked him.  I don't think he realized what he did right then and there for he would make a great day at Citi Field into a memorable one.Sitting next to the Apple at Field level...Boy, I forgot just how big those players are and so fast....and really, the pop flies they hit look a lot higher in person than they do on TV. My son and I drank 10 waters, and together, ate ice cream out of those little Met plastic caps that you take home.  We talked about the Mets, hitting the baseball, umpires and Zombies.Real typical conversations that a father and son have while watching a ball game.Most of all, we enjoyed a great game....even though the Mets that we both love lost by three on a heartbreaking home run that never should've happened.But there was this moment, when I looked over at my son, in the bottom of the tenth with his baseball cap on inside out for the rally that just did it for me.  As we sat there, next to the giant apple that we so wanted to rise up, I rediscovered baseball and a bond that might exist now between my son and I.And I know it might be years before he could really discuss the game....but yesterday he made a start and I was there with him.Looking back on it now, I wonder if he helped me with baseball more than I helped him.