So Omar and Jerry took the hit yesterday and in my opinion, deservedly so.  Omar lost his trust with ownership with some bad contracts and bad moves and Jerry, well let's just say that he took the hit out of pure association- and some real poor managing too.  Hey, two heads on a platter for the price of one.  We all wanted it and I think it was time anyway.  I applaud Fred and Jeff for coming out and talking to the press and in a way taking the hit as well for the teams performance. But Yesterday in that Press Conference, as Jeff and Fred said all the right things that all Met Fans wanted to here- as I sit here writing this, I am still pessimistic when it comes down to promises made by those two fellows and I'll state this: If Jeff really wants a contender, a team with a future, a team that will contend, then his job is very simple, find a GM and let him have the reins and be done with it.To be fair to Omar and Jerry, I'll ask this question:  Whose decision was it to keep Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo on the roster when it was clear that both these players were done with the Mets?  How is Jerry to manage a team when he played shorthanded almost the entire year?  I know there was more to it than that but you can't win without the horses, and clearly Jerry didn't have many running all at once and it looked like either Omar wasn't given permission or he had the lack of confidence to go out and get one at the Trading Deadline. Right, it's a money decision I know but that takes me to my next point.  If the next GM has to operate under the same circumstances as Omar, how do we expect him to succeed?  So imagine this:  Your the new GM of the team and as you sit down at your new desk with a nice phone to talk some trades, Jeff walks into the office and tells you that unless you can trade Oliver Perez he has to stay on the roster because he's owed 12 million dollars this year. Suddenly that GM's hair begins to go gray like Omar's.The Mets are not the Yankees I know that, they can't eat money for bad contracts but they are a New York Team with a great fan base and revenue from a Network that allows them a little more leeway than lets say the Pirates or Marlins.  Does our new GM have some financial freedom?  Does he have the power to outright release some players?  Does he have complete autonomy?   So it's time for the Wilpons to find a plan, get their GM and leave him alone and let him build a winner.  And they also have to accept the fact that in order to do that they'll have to do the worst thing imaginable-eat money and stay out of baseball operations.