Now that the Mets season is officially over after finally being eliminated from any chance of post season play. I was thinking that only Mets fans would continue to watch the remaining games so I decided to have some fun with the idea of trying to find what telling traits makes one know that you are a Mets fan.Here are 10 things that will identify you as a Mets fan. Have some fun and see how many more you can add to the list.You know you’re a Mets fan if...You know what "The Catch" is.You insist that everyone wear something Blue & Orange to your wedding.Your favorite scene in Robin William's "Cadillac Man" is where you see the Mets calendar on the wall by his desk.If you have every version of the Let's Go Mets song on your Ipod "including Who let the Mets out".You remember watching the Mets on Sportschannel.If the thought of Clemens makes you want to throw a bat at him.If you to this day say the 2000 W.S. was the closest 4 game to 1 series ever.If you thought the Silent Assasin was under rated.If you used to do the Teufel shuffle when you played baseball with your friends.