Alex Cora told us that if they are building for 2013 or 2014...they should just come out and say it and then do itabout 2 hours ago via webJimBowdenXMFOXJIM BOWDENThis tweet by Jim Bowden caused an interesting debate by the 2 founders of T.R.D.M.B. today. Here is how it went down.dirtysanchez says: My guess is because the mets cannot sell they are rebuilding 2 years into a new stadium so they have to give the perception anyway that they are contenders, which is very hard to rebuild and compete at the same time.trs86 says: So we honestly think the METS believe they need to REBUILD, not retool, with Reyes, Wright, Davis, Pagan, Bay, Thole, Johan, Pelfrey, Niese, Krod… Wow.dirtysanchez says: rebuild, retool…different shades of grey to me. I just dont think the fact that one minute we spend/act like a contender and the next we act like a rebuilding team has served the team well. We have a good nucleous but to me, every rebuilding team has a good nucleus that you rebuild around…if you wanna call it retool then be my guest.trs86 says: If the Mets were rebuilding to me Dirty that means you trade Wright and Reyes, eat salary on Johan and Krod and you actually rebuild. Retooling is doing what they have been doing every year since 2005.dirtysanchez says: We have two different definitons then. You dont trade wright/reyes/ike/thole because those are shallow positions for us. I think they should rebuild and start trading away other pieces and go with either cheaper options(minor league talent). Again retool/rebuild…depends on your definition but they both pretty much mean the same thing to me. You are not going to trade santana or krod either since there are no better options right now.So what do you think? Do you follow the doctrine that rebuilding means trading away the core? Or do you believe as DirtySanchez notes that rebuilding is always done around an already existing nucleus? When you look back upon 2010 can't you say it was in effect a rebuilding season while also trying to be competitive?Here is the 25 man roster as it stands today.RkPosAge
11BIke Davis*23
22BLuis Castillo#34
3SSJose Reyes#27
43BDavid Wright27
5CFAngel Pagan#28
6RFJeff Francoeur26
7MIRuben Tejada20
8CHenry Blanco38
9UTChris Carter*27
10CFCarlos Beltran#33
11CJosh Thole*23
12CIMike Hessman32
13OFFernando Martinez*21
14PJohan Santana*31
15PJonathon Niese*23
16PMike Pelfrey26
17PR.A. Dickey35
18PHisanori Takahashi*35
19PRaul Valdes*32
20POliver Perez*28
21PBobby Parnell25
22PManny Acosta#29
23PFrancisco Rodriguez28
24PPedro Feliciano*33
25PElmer Dessens39
Think about it, we came into 2010 hoping to compete with a rotation of Santana, Pelfrey, Perez, Maine and Niese.A bullpen of KRod, Feliciano, Mejia, Igarashi, Takahashi, Nieve and Green.A starting infield of C/Barajas, 3B/Wright, SS/Reyes, 2B/Castillo, LF/Bay, RF/Francoeur, 1B/Murphy (before he got hurt), CF/Beltran (once he returned).Now as we head to the end of 2010 the Mets look to have a future that includes Thole, Davis and Pagan as part of the nucleus to go along with Wright, Reyes, Santana, Pelfrey, and KRod.RkPosAge
11BIke Davis*23
2SSJose Reyes#27
33BDavid Wright27
4LFJason Bay31
5CFAngel Pagan#28
6CJosh Thole*23
7SPJohan Santana*31
8SPJonathon Niese*23
9SPMike Pelfrey26
10SPR.A. Dickey35
11RPFrancisco Rodriguez28
To quote DirtySanchez "every rebuilding team has a good nucleus that you rebuild around..." so the Mets while trying to compete they also rebuilt around a already good nucleus in the hopes that they made it better.Another thing that is associated with rebuilding is that rebuilding sometimes comes attached with losing. If you look at the 2010 season I think you can see that the Mets have indeed been losing.Now here comes 2011. The Mets will be counting on Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, KRod, Wright, Reyes, Bay, Pagan, Thole and Davis to be the nucleus that the rest of the team is built around with names like Mejia, FMart, Nieuwenhuis, Flores and even a Havens trying to become a part of that ever-growing nucleus.You say Rebuild I say Retool take your pick looks very much the same to me.