Oliver Perez is not going anywhere, he said so himself.   So if the Mets want to get rid of Perez, or simple get him out of the way, they are going to have to resort to another strategy.   And I've got it.  They have to ask him........everyday.  That's right, I want the Mets to ask Oliver Perez everyday to take the Assignment.   Everyday he refuses makes him look more selfish than the day before.   And you want comes next?   Throw him in a game...a big game.   Let Perez embarrass himself at Citi Field and on the Road.   Let Perez  cost the Mets a game or 3.    And then  to put a little icing  on the cake, throw him in front of all the reporters and let him answer for his performance.   I know this has been done before but now we're going to do something different,  when the media have left the locker  room and the players are left getting ready to go home, Jerry should    ask Ollie again, right in front of his locker.  Let  Ollie refuse to take the Assignment in front of his team mates after he just coughed up another lead or walked in another run or failed to get an out in a mop up game.    Yea, this is embarrassing him but isn't he doing that himself with his attitude and performance?This might be the only way to reach him, that and of course,    the dirty stares  from his own team mates and the boos from the home crowd.   What else is Jerry and Omar to do?   You what they can do?   Ask him again.   And just keep on asking until Perez gets the hint.   And don't think he doesn't get it because he does, he just refuses to listen.Now yesterday I read in Metsblog that some  players who remain nameless  are disgusted with  Ollie.    I have absolutely no problem with his team mates calling him out in the media or in the locker room.   I only wish  I knew who it was and  in honesty, why would they hide?   There is not one player on this team, besides Perez,  who has to be ashamed of anything.     Perez, on the other hand, is not only stealing money from the  Mets,  he is stealing wins from a ball club, a spot for the bull pen and a chance with this team to  compete for the  N.L East or Wild Card.   Will he get the hint?   Your guess is as good as mine but if he doesn't, the Mets simply have to walk up to Perez tonight  and ask him again to take the Assignment.And maybe, just maybe after he is vilified by the Media, booed by the fans, let his team down once  again and yelled at by the  bull pen pitchers for spitting sunflower seeds all over the  bench, Oliver Perez will get the hint and go to Florida to straighten himself out.Until then though,  the Mets need to  keep on asking him.  Maybe tomorrow he'll realize that he is hamstringing  the team that is paying his 12 million dollar a year salary.