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Gilbert Arenas Desearves Lifetime Suspension



Gilbert Arenas Desearves Lifetime Suspension




  • I totally agree Nick. This guy should be treated just like he would at any other job. He should be fired (suspended) for the rest of his life. The guy is a total punk and doesn't deserve to have the honor to play in the NBA. Yes, it's an honor to play in this great league and this guy doesn't deserve it. If the guy did something totally illegal he obviously wasn't thinking about his family in the first place. Maybe he should have thought about his family before acting completely childish about the whole matter. I am so sick of Gilbert Arenas that I never want to see him in the league again.

  • Grogan - I think Arenas has plenty of money to feed his family. This is far different than your local wal mart cashier getting fired so don't attempt to bring it down to that level. It is a privilege and not a right to play in the NBA. How many other people out there would take this offense more serious than Arenas and do anything to play in this league? Playing in professional sports is the ultimate privilege and jokesters like Agent 0 take advantage of that.

  • With the exception of the Sprewell like "feed the family" comment, I have to agree with Tito, though not entirely for the reasons he stated. Stern couldn't ban him for life, it wouldn't hold up. The NBA players union is too strong and powerful to let that happen. If Artest didn't get banned for life, if other NBA players or athletes such as Michael Vick weren't banned from their sport, Arenas won't be banned either. Plaxico Burress wasn't banned and will almost assuredly play in the NFL again. I know it might seem unfair, but a regular person getting fired from a job isn't the same as an NBA player who makes millions upon millions of dollars getting banned from the league. Tons of athletes commit crimes, plea down, do their time and then get right back into things. Not saying it's right, but that's what happens. When there is this much money and notoriety involved, this is what you get.

  • Yes, Arenas should be fired from his job, but a lifetime ban? Give me a break. His job is with the Washigton Wizards and being fired or suspended from there is appropriate. There many other teams he should be able to get a job with just like you could go get from a rival company after you got fired for the same thing. It is up to that individual employer whether or not to hire, fire or suspend.

  • Athletes jobs are not to be role models to the youth of America. Quite frankly most of them are still kids to begin with, with little life experience and what they do have is that of being coddled all their days, because of their ability in sports. The words role model and professional athlete should never be added together. If you want role models point at parents, teachers, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, fireman, police officers and the soldiers who fight for ours and others freedom on a daily basis. Please tell your kids that athletes are not to be looked up to for their acomplishments on their field of choice. If they want to admire them make sure it is for things they do off the field/court/ice.

  • The unwritten rule is for millionare athletes to be role models. They know that themselves, and say so themselves until they make a mistake and people like you back off it and say thats not what they are supposed to be. Whether they want to be looked up to or not, as professional athletes that is a part of the unwritten job description.

  • He def deserves a LIFETIME ban from the NBA. To pull a gun on a teammate is unthinkable. When will the NBA get the message. I for one will not watch any NBA games unless this is dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have my own unwritten job description as a parent. Make sure to not let my kid have role models that are professional athletes. For the most part professional athletes are good human beings who are lucky and talented enough to play a game for a job for a short period of time. They in no way commited to being role models just because of this or the fact they are on TV. Spend more time with your kids and make sure to teach them that it is perfectly OK to admire these athletes for their athletic talents and accomplishments, but you as the parent must be the role model to teach your children to be decent, productive human beings. There is no unwritten rule for athletes to be role models, They are not spending quality time with the kids and the only example they are performing is how to perform well at sports and that is far of the definition of a role model. It is your job as the parents to set the rules and example.

  • Why lump the masses in with one person's mistake. There is no reason for a lifetime ban. What he did was irresponsible, dangerous, childish and most importantly a mistake. Arenas is not a murderer, drug dealer or rapist who unfortunately get let free back out to society everyday. Losing his job in Washington and a rest of the year suspension will suffice just fine with me.

  • I'm a Celtics fan and I have to say that if Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, or Ray Allen brought a gun in the locker room I would feel the same way. I personally did not mind Gil before this happened, but after seeing his childish actions I don't think he belongs in the NBA. The NBA is a mans game and he acted like a child. It is a privlige to play in the NBA and this guy does not deserve to have the privlige to play in the league.

  • McSpazz - For those kids who grow up in a bad situation with little if no family members to look up to, they will find someone to look up to and if they like sports, it WILL be a professional athlete. To think everyone has someone such as a family member to directly look up to is ignorant. Pro athletes are being looked up to by more than these children in a perfect family that you are depicting.

  • You don't need a perfect family to have some to look up to and respect. It doesn't even have to be a family member. I help mentor under privleged youth in my own community and our message is that sports are sports. They are kids games, not a mans game. They are strictly entertainment and most people in the world don't get to play them for a living so you better find someone and something else to aspire and look up to. The sad part of society is that we have adult individuals calling sports a man's game which they are far from. Games are for entertainment and geared towards children in learning lessons and being active. The majority of people playing sports are giant children and have a ton of growing up to do themselves and just like children need to reprimanded for their mistakes, but not ostracized for them.