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The Yankees do NOT need to add a starting pitcher this season



The Yankees do NOT need to add a starting pitcher this season




  • There is not nearly enough time to make arguments sometimes on here. I'm doing my best but it's tough! I will stand with the fact that our pitching staff already makes more than some entire rosters and to add a big name pitcher would just be utterly ridiculous at this point. We could get a lesser arm, but how is that any better than Mitre or Mosely, or even Ivan Nova who has attracted a ton of attention in the trade market? Right now, our system is good. We don't need to risk prospects for a position we're already strong at.

  • Seriously there is a LOT to say in so little time! If the Yankees have the money, then why not spend it? But I do agree: Roy Oswalt is a silly idea, considering the fact that there are cheaper solutions available that are still better than Mitre or Moseley. If CC, A.J., or Javy go down with an injury, would you really trust a rookie to fill their shoes? I wouldn't. I want someone who has proven before that they can succeed at the Big League level. Maybe if the division wasn't so tight I would let the rookie go for it. But it is, and there is still so much baseball left to play. A lot can happen. I LOVE Nova, but he's just not ready to take on that kind of burden yet. The Yankees are great at developing players in the Minors, so if they have to trade a few guys I don't think it's a problem.

  • Oops I didn't mean to report that comment. Sorry! Marcum knowing A.J. may make him want to COME to NY, same with Fausto and CC.

    • Each pair were teammates for a very, very brief stetch. You're kidding yourself if you even think that's relevant enough to even be mentioned. The point is that the Yankees have the playoffs (and might as well just say the East) locked up. There is nothing to worry about as far as the regular season and what role will Carmona/Marcum play in the postseason? 6th inning guys? Whatever they would have to give up for either one (Carmona especially) would be a terrible bargain. The idea to acquire either one of those guys is eerily similar to when they traded for Jeff Weaver several years ago. And how did that work out? Hughes can pitch the 8th in the playoffs, they have plenty of starting pitching for the playoffs and at this point that's all that matters for NY. That said, I would LOVE to see them go out and give up a prospect or two for a useless starting pitcher. Just helps the Sox.

      • The Yankees have the East locked up? Really? They have a slim 2 game lead, and they play Tampa Bay this weekend. The Yankees have the best record, but the Rays are right behind them with 2nd best. The AL East is not locked up. I'm not saying the Yankees will get those guys. I'm just speculating. But since they have the money, and those guys aren't expensive (Marcum is less than a million and Carmona is around 5 million) it's not a waste. The Yankees can afford to give away a few prospects if they want to. And plus, it isn't a waste of prospects because Marcum is just 28 and Carmona is 26. They are still young and have a lot left in them. Sure, a prospect is younger, but they are unproven. Marcum and Carmona are Big-League ready, have a few years under their belts, and they are still young. Haha I know Marcum & Burnett and Sabathia & Carmona only knew each other for a little while - it's just a bonus of coming to NY. But come on! Why wouldn't those guys want to come to the Yankees? They are both on teams that aren't going anywhere. Why wouldn't they want a chance to win a championship? If the Yankees get another starter, he can replace Pettitte and once Pettitte comes back, he can replace Hughes who can go to the bullpen. Why would you move Hughes to the bullpen in the playoffs? It should be done before so if he needs to transition, he can. If something goes wrong in the playoffs, there is no time to make up for it. And plus, the whole reason why I think he should be moved to the bullpen is because of his innings limit. What good would it do Hughes to save innings in the playoffs and not the regular season?

    • Just to make a point. If Toronto is paying Shaun Marcum limited money and he's under 30, what is their incentive to trade him? Teams trade players to get youth and to shed salary. In this case they'd do neither. Same thing with Carmona. He's more likely to move, but he still doesn't make enough to justify an easy maneuver. Obtaining him will cost top prospects at a level just below Cliff Lee (sounds crazy, but the dude is young and solid). To give up so much for either when it's not an inherent need is foolish. That's the Yankees of 2003-2007, not these Yankees.

      • Maybe the Jays would trade Marcum if they know the Yankees want him, and make a fair offer. And since Carmona is that good, other contending teams may want him. I think I'd be wise for the Yankees to get him, even if they let go of some of their better prospects. The Yankees owe it to George Steinbrenner to win this year. I think they should go all out if they want to, because the Boss would have loved that.

  • Which is why I don't support that move. When you don't really need something, you don't give up prospects to get them. That was my point in mentioning the top pitching prospects the Yankees have. Would you give up those young pitchers to get possibly a rental because you're "a little nervous" about guys getting hurt. Injuries happen, and if for some reason they happen at a bad time, it wasn't meant to be. Bottom line, you need the top 4-5 starters we have to be healthy come postseason play. If that doesn't happen, you deal. No team has a 6th starter getting paid 10 mil just waiting for his chance to jump in. They just don't.

    • Giving up highly-thought-of prospects for Big-League ready players makes sense to me. And the Yankees have made moves like that very recently. Austin Jackson was supposed to be the Curtis Granderson of the future, and they traded him for the real Curtis Granderson, who has been around for a few years but is still young. (I believe that Granderson will have had a nice season when it is all said and done). Did they really need a centerfielder? They could've used Jackson, their #1 prospect (I guess #1 is Montero now). But they wanted Granderson because they knew he could do it for sure in the Majors. He hasn't done what he is capable of yet, but he missed all of May and used June as a 2nd spring training. Now he's hot and I think this is the Granderson the Yankees had in mind. The same goes for pitching. If they think they can get someone who can help them win NOW, then they should do it, even if it means trading good prospects. Another reason the Yankees should get someone is to keep them away from the other contending teams, which is always a good idea. And if someone gets hurt, it would be really nice to know that there is someone there to fill their shoes.

      • Let me see if I can handle both of your posts here. Sometimes it's ok to trade minor leaguers for Major League talent. The Granderson one was risky, especially given Jackson's productive play (albeit without power) in Detroit. However, it's never a 1 for 1 swap like that. Keep in mind it usually takes multiple prospects to pull such offers. You also have to remember that teams don't HAVE to trade people just because the Yankees want them. Shaun Marcum makes no money and is young. He is part of a core that Toronto can build around at this point. Teams who are sellers make trades for 2 reasons: to shed payroll and to obtain prospects who can play well for less of a price in the not too distant future. Marcum has little salary to shed so there is no incentive to trade him. Carmona might hold a little more incentive in that regard, but if they move Westbrook, there's none. Carmona would be a fabulous addition, but it wont' happen because there's really no incentive to move him. He's young and not making too much money. Again, these are players lower budget teams WANT to keep. The last thing we have to discuss is Phil Hughes. He's not pitching as well now, but putting him in the bullpen is the WORST thing you could do for his psychie. This is a guy who has been in both situations and won the starting job in training camp. He is a starter now and into the future. It's one thing when you have a 5 man rotation to go to 4 in the playoffs and put the odd man out in the bullpen, but it's another to make that move prematurely. Hughes needs to make his starts and see that the organization has confidence in him, That confidence will go a long way towards how well he pitches.

        • Carmona is 5 million, and the Indians already traded Peralta, who makes only 3 million. So I don't see any reason why they wouldn't trade Carmona, even if they move Westbrook. Of course teams just don't trade people knowing the other team wants the player. But if the team offers them a nice package and shows that they really are interested, the trade is more likely to happen. When the Indians traded Peralta, all they received was cash and a pitching prospect. That was a good deal for them. Maybe Marcum will be traded for a similar package. What about Hughes's psychie the last time they moved him into the bullpen? Last time he was struggling a bit in the starting role, after being hyped up as the best pitching prospect in baseball. They moved him to the bullpen, and he shined. Also, he has to realize that he isn't being moved just because of a little struggle: he has an innings limit, and it is for his own good, as well as the team's good. I think using him as the 8th inning guy will prove again that the team has plenty confidence in him.

  • There is entirely too much conversation and ultimately speculation on both of ours parts. We're arguing semantics about a team playing well over .600 baseball and having the best record in the game. Probably should save the worrying for those who root for losing teams, right?

    • Haha we are being very hypothetical, but I truly do believe the Yankees should (and will) get someone. Even though I haven't heard anything, that doesn't mean they aren't doing something. The Yankees have a knack for being very stealth and under the radar at this time of year. And the Rangers, who are probably going to win the AL West, are making moves. I think the Yankees should as well. Jeez I hate the trade deadline. It's so stressful!

      • I want to clarify my position here. I never said the Yankees shouldn't make A move. My point is that they didn't need to make THE move in terms of acquiring a big name pitcher. Of course there are moves that I would make if I'm the Yankees. Improving the bench and possibly adding a Will Ohman or Scott Downs (preferably Ohman) to bolster the bullpen on the left side would be perfectly fine with me. Hell, the Hairston move last year was a great and went largely under the radar, but it's moves like those that put the final touches on a great team. That is where I believe the Yankees are at. Go find that bench guy (Adam Kennedy?), maybe add a powerful bat off the bench if Chad Tracy isn't the guy in AAA, and perhaps a left handed reliever with the knowledge that Ace (Alfredo Aceves should be coming back soon to bolster the right side) and we should be good to go.

        • And my point is that they can acquire a good starting pitcher without making a move and acquiring one of those BIG guys. There are plenty of pitchers out there that the Yankees can get without spending a fortune. And getting a starter is key ESPECIALLY if they don't get anyone for the bullpen (which needs its own help) because then Hughes can go into the 'pen. I agree that the bench could be stronger. I think the Yankees are very VERY close to getting Lance Berkman! I think that's a good move.

          • Berkman and Kearns..............interesting to say the least. Well, the bench is certainly better with Kearns over Colin Curtis. Obviously Berkman adds pop to the lineup, though I don't like giving up Mark Melancon (he's a U of A guy so we have a connection). But see, even if I'm not a huge fan of Berkman, the deal didn't cost top prospects and it helped the team. I won't tout it, but because nothing major was lost in either deal, I will accept it and hope that the Yankees are better now than before. The thing you are missing though is that moving Hughes to the pen now, on August 1st, if you get a starting pitcher is a bad idea. This kid needs to know that his team is invested in him long term as a starter. He needs to be starting games for the Yankees. Hell, he had a good outing today save for that one mistake. Moving a guy for the playoffs is fine because it's temporary and it helps the team. In the playoffs, you go maximum of 4 starters, so someone is going to the pen as an extra arm. If it's Hughes, that's fine. Hell, a couple of years ago it was Mike Mussina in that situation (2007 to be exact). There's an odd man out and that guy bolsters the pen, but that's a move to make once you are in the playoffs, not before. For now, I'm pretty darn happy with Hughes and I'm confident in our pitching staff. I might add a reliever, but I'm pretty solid with the starting 5. PS: How about Moseley yesterday! Now THAT'S a spot start!

            • I love the Berkman trade. I'm not sure why they got Kearns, because it seems that they have an abundance of outfielders, but I guess they have their reasons. OMG I miss Mike Mussina. I wish he could've come to Old TImer's Day. One huge reason I think Hughes should go to the bullpen soon is because of his innings limit. He has already thrown more innings this season than he has in any other season. In the bullpen, the Yankees can utilize him a little bit each day without adding to his already-high (for him) innings count. And seriously, Dustin Moseley surprised the heck out of me. I wrote about that yesterday...

              • I hate the innings limits they place on every young player, but that's a whole different topic. I feel like it mirrors life in that people are way too coddled this day and age....

                • I don't like it either. But the rules are the rules, and those are the rules the Yankees made for Hughes. I agree - it does seem like they baby everyone. But if it helps in the long run, I guess I can't complain. Did you see the game today? 3 big homers by the Yanks! Series finale tomorrow.