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Why Gary Bettman is BAD for the game of hockey



Why Gary Bettman is BAD for the game of hockey




  • and not good in any other sport? let's get it straight, baseball ur pass time, Jason Monroe *spelling error, was in the race for MVP, and if I remember correctly Steve Nash BACK TO BACK MVP in another American game. Not bad for a population with less then half, 300 million compared to 30 million, that's a big number! Hey remember the Salt Lake City Olympics when we came to America and WHOOPED your butts in the Gold medal game?? Sure you won the pointless game, but when it comes down to it we're taking gold!!! How about a friendly bet? Loser has to post a video on why the opposing team is better?

  • Why you ask the NHL is looking to expand further in the US of A, because that is where the money is. You said it right in your comment, Canada's population doesn't have enough to sustain teams in Quebec, Hamilton and anywhere else besides where they already are. Quebec had there shot and couldn't do it, Americans have money and spend it on high quality entertainment that the NHL is. Everything starts and ends in America, period!

  • Sorry but wheres ur debate? I'm speechless? No I made valid points about places like Tampa Bay, Carolina and Phx who don't deserve teams. Sorry but having to put the rules in your program is a joke. I've been to America, I have tons of family there and THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HOCKEY! I've been to stores and asked wheres the hockey stuff and was given a dirty look. You're not a hockey country, far from it! You have some HOCKEY cities but to call yourselves a hockey country is a joke. As for my friend now mentioning a word was because he has no need to, this isn't his debate, its mine! Its insulting you American's thinking this is your sport because you beat us in a useless game? Salt Lake City ring a bell? Yea that's right, 5-3 when the game mattered, we'll see whats up Sunday. I'm a man of my word I'll gladly post a video to why you American's are sooo great at hockey. As for the beer comment don't get me started. Seriously, do you know where you live? Drunk capital, beer and nascar, please don't even mention my friend drinking during a hockey game, you don't wanna do there. Oh and as far as Canadian's been good at only hockey just look back on your sports MVP's Nash, Jay M (twins) and so on. Whens the last American to win the MVP in hockey? Yea think real hard

  • Clearly American's voting for the twat with no arguments! ITS A CANADIAN game and always will be. All your USA teams winning the cups are lead my Canadians not AMERICANS. You have more teams because of your population, nothing to do with it being your game. As for the run in the Olympics it was good, you did much better then i expected, but its OVER. Miller was the only reason you won last time around, this time NAHH. Look what happens when an american becomes captin (mike modano) HE SHITS THE BED and has to have the C removed . also buddy follow the debate, dude said Bettman was bad for the game, where the fuck did you argue that??? you didn't, you shouldn't be allowed to even post, follow the rules.

  • For the record that wasn't the video I posted. I wanted to start off by saying I was in no way bashing the states on hockey, I'm a proud supporter of the La Kings and if not for America they wouldn't have a team. My point was theres too many American teams that don't know anything about the game NOTHING. Carolina needed the rules posted in their hockey programs, now that's insulting. Yes we did sound like drunken idiots in that video, as not even a word was said, I apologize about that video, I had planned on returning fire.

  • How can anyone not agree that Bettman is bad for the NHL? In his eighteen years as the NHL's boss, he has been through not one but two - TWO - lockouts! That is inexcusible! The latter forced the cancellation of not only the season but the Stanley Cup. The NHL, as a result, was walked out on by ESPN. Bettman has done nothing right for the game - NOTHING! He was brought in to strengthen the league in the States and after eighteen years, I'm still waiting. He rejected Jim Balsillie's bid to own a team three times. Why would he do that? Maybe because, unlike most of the owners, Balsillie is actually a fan of the game and Bettman doesn't want that - all he wants is a bunch of incompetent "yes-men" to keep him in office, even though he doesn't deserve it. What's worse was during the lockout in 2004, a fan in Carolina (if you can believe that) asked Bettman what he would do the save the season. Bettman was so laidback and nonchalant simply saying that if the Union had an offer, that he'll listen - that's it! Then, when the official cancellation of the season was announced, Bettman said he felt terrible - the biggest crock I have ever heard! To make matters worse, when the first lockout (in 1995) ended, Bettman said, "In the words of Wayne Campbell, 'Game on!'" ....the quote was actually "Party on!" That just underlines just how bad Gary Bettman is for the game of hockey.

  • OOHHH and all of those American teams you named with the history. Who do you think lead those teams? Canadians like Orr, Espisito, Howe and Hull..Bobby, you can have Brett ( i wonder how enjoyed that Silver in Salt Lake?). Be graceful you live next to Canada or else you wouldn't know what is. ps. your best American Zac Prasie's fathers Canadian, so get carried away, I'm going to enjoy hearing what you have to say come Monday. pss. If the United States of O'millica win, I WILL HONESTLY POST MY just might take me a couple days to stop mourning, but I'm a man of my word.

  • Without the glory of the US of A there would be no NHL, no jobs for all those proud Canadians. The country would be filled with more orange clad, drunken boobs than it is already. Follow the money and that is where the franchises will land. Posting of the rules in a cities arena I'll give you is shameful, but at least they can fill the arena. How many franchises have Canadian cities lost, remind me again. Oh yeah, I remember; Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators (1st time), Quebec Bull Dogs, Hamilton Tigers, Montreal Maroons, Quebec Nordiques and the Winnipeg Jets. Much like other countries improve at American sports like basketball and baseball the Americans are closing the gap in hockey. I'm happy you can name Steve Nash and Justin Morneau as MVP's, but look back at the history of both games and see where the best comes from. Basketball is no contest (LeBron, Kobe, Durant) and baseball while more international than ever is still filled with American players who rule the game (Jeter, Mauer, Lincecum, Utley, Howard, Holliday, Sabathia, etc......). Then you have the NFL which almost exclusively filled with Americans that can run past, over and through anyone set in their path. Now back to Bettman. While he isn't the best commisioner around he has been there for an aweful longtime and if he was so bad wouldn't the owners have gotten rid of him already? There are Canadian owners, right? I don't see them putting up a strong front to axe the longtime mouth piece of the NHL. What do you expect from a Canadian game? Being the fourth or fifth best league is just about right.

  • every man has his own opinion on sports, but for someone to consider baseball a better sport is a joke. seriously to consider them athletes compared to hockey players is a joke. if canada seriously put half the time and effort into caring as much about those other sports as we do hockey, we'd prob. start taking them over sooner or later. notice how we only have one team in each? yea we don't care that much at all. as for the NHL is you American teams bringing the league down financially, all those Canadians teams u mentioned, maybe 2 of them are worthy to mention, the rest left when hockey was taking off, give any of them a team now and GUARANTEE they all succeed.

  • Congrats, gold for Canada, but wasn't that expected. Lets not forget the US still outscored the mighty Canadians 7-6. As far as Canada being any good at the other sports, please stop embarrasing yourself. You really can't believe that. Hell, Americans don't even like winter sports and we still came out on top in the medal count this year. So take that superiority, put it in your pipe and smoke it. I will agree with you hockey is a much better sport than baseball (playing and watching), but MLB makes so much more money than hockey it is ridiculous and they too have an ignoramous moron running that sport. But they still manage to rake in money hand over fist. Hockey ranks a close second to basketball for me, but as you said everybody has and is entitled to their own opinion and mine is America is superior in sports to every other country in the world. Steak dinner, BOOM!

  • Superior in every other sport? Sorry but did you watch the Olympics, because if I'm not mistaken we won the most gold which really represent the winners. Yes ALL other countries aside from America count the standing that way. You guys only started counting medals in total because the Russians kept kicking your butts! Please explain to me how your the power houses in sports? Look at your population compared to Canada.....300 million to 35 million, yea HUGE difference, yet its us coming into YOUR sports and winning MVP's while you guys win a silver in our sport and its a huge deal? Don't reply with look at the American teams winning the cup, because we both know they're lead my CANADIANS. As for your sport baseball, two world cup championships in the last two year is quite impressive, but the Cuban's OWN you guys in that sport, with the South Korens not too far behind. 2nd in the world at your own sport? At least we're ranked first in our sport. Don't try that you outscored us 7-6 because what does that really get you? .... A silver medal! Oh and that's right....14 Gold and new record, just showing CANADIAN DOMINANCE on the world of sports with is 35 million!

  • Go ahead and have your day. Basketball, child please. Steve Nash and who else do you have? Our team runs cirlces around yours with both hands tied behind their backs. Baseball, a juiced up Justin Morneau cheats his way to a MVP and if not a late injury to Carlos Quentin (American) that year he wouldn't have won it. As far as the baseball world cups go like you said with the hockey world cups those don't count, at least in your eyes. It only counts (or matters) when your team wins, right? Don't even get me started on football where we dominate everyday, everywhere. Even the white guys here are superior to everybody else. The arena players we have here would dominate players in the CFL. We are even starting to show the world in soccer that when we put our minds to it we can dominate whatever we want. How can you even fathom Canada is superior in anything. Canadiians can't even properly populate a huge ass country. Canada always has and always will have a inferiority complex when it comes to America, because when it comes down to brass tacks we are the best of the best. If Canada is so great why in the hell does every freaking immigrant in the world want to come here to realize their dreams, Canadians included. Like I said before, congrats on the hockey gold. Enjoy the one sport your country is good at, along with drunken hunting. Your country won a tournament they were suppose to win with a huge home ice advantage. America will continue to improve and will be just as competitive in the so-called Canadian past time Lets not forget the greatest hockey movie of all-time (Slapshot) starred and made by the great American people. If you want to spew silly non-sense, so can I.

  • @ pwilson and all the other Canadians on this site. Please realize my comments about Canada and their inferiority complex is strictly just chiding along the argument. I don't dislike Canada or Canadians in anyway. Well, except the fact they beat us in hockey yesterday and your beer is like moonshine. This back and forth was all in good fun and please don't take it personally. Hockey is awesome and I enjoy it very much like you and root for Canadians, Slovakians, Americans and all other players that play for my favorite Blackhawks and I am relieved that none of those players were injured during the Olympic Games. I would much rather have a Stanley Cup winner in Chicago than a gold for America. I would like to thank you for bringing more hockey talk to the site as it is needed. It gets real baseball, basketball and football heavy around here at times

  • About your first comment.....NO CANADIAN ever wants to move America...Canada is America without the guns and with health care. Have you ever been here? Hunting and drinking is an American thing, I don't know of one hunter in Canada. I don't know if you realize but that's how the world views you, along with being violent! It's funny that any time you I go on a cruise/trip (not many, less then a handful lol) theres no Americans, everyone just so happens to be Canadian. Why? Because Canada's known as a friendly country....unless that is we're talking about hockey, then we take it very seriously. @ football, theres no debate, I'm sure most of your college teams would hammer our CFL teams, hell I'm quite sure some of your highschool teams would give'em a go too.(maybe thats too far) I sure as hell know your guys highschool stadiums are bigger then ours. Football's a sport that we've just begun to take seriously, the money is still not even close to being at what it needs to be, we just like hockey that much. soccer? you get good at futbol you goto europe and we don't ever see you again, not even for team canada. also a team that not being funded quite nearly as much as any other country. also you have a population of 300 million you better have 11 players who can play the bloody game. Also losing a world championships of hockey means the WORLD to us. Having Russia come back and steal it from us was so crushing, I've been counting down the days until we seek revenge on them for that! Our 7-2 drubbing of them wasn't nearly enough for an OT loss :( My answer to basketball is curling! ahah yea that's right, what you gonna say about that! lol..yes that all i really have...well we got a silve in 1936...for the amount of canadians in the game back to back mvp's will always be mentioned ...oh yea a canadian(living in the states) invented the game....we just kinda suck at it aside from a few...a very select few! GSP!

  • No, I never been to Canada, but will hit it at some point in time in my life. It will have to be during the summer though as I can't stand the winter here in Chicago. Government controlled healthcare is trying its best to rear its ugly head here in the states. Which I don't think is the answer, but letting the private sector have free reign isn't either. Unemployment sucks everywhere, I know I'm one of the many here in the states. Far from being homeless though as I have a terrific sugar mommy as my wife. She makes plenty of dough to cover the both of us. I get to sit at home, play Mr. Mom and waste time blogging and commenting on sports sites like this. I know. I have it so very hard. LOL Doesn't everybody hate Russia and that cheap shot artist Ovechkin. He is awesome, but he has one of those I just want to punch him faces. The 2014 games should be real fun in Russia and I'll be rooting for anyone, but Russia to take the gold there. Hopefully, we'll all get the pleasure to watch the top players play in 2014 if your favorite commisioner (Bettman) doesn't screw the pooch there. I tried to watch curling and it really mad my head hurt. Almost to the point I wanted to throw one of those stones through my flat screen.

  • Yea I too tried to watch curling once and well I woke up in the last frame, I just needed an answer to bball. I too fall into that unemployed, stay at home dads, just sadly school begins again (not highschool, finally going back to college) and the blogging won't be done as frequently as I enjoy. Have you ever heard of bagged milk by chance? lol

  • Gosh Americans are so terrible at hockey like Mike Modano, Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick,Terrible hockey players that ARE American! Just playing! :) I think Canada is a great country. But in sports Hockey is all you got! That's not saying very much. But as for the sport itself it's my #3 (Raider Football #1 A's Baseball #2). I am a HUGE San Jose Sharks fan and they have been knocking on that door for the last 5 years! And they still can't get a break! I think they need to change their logo or something, But they'll never get respect and they were the #1 seed last year and no one gave two shits about it. Well maybe cause they flamed out in the first round, But still my point is even GREAT Hockey teams in the U.S. of A. get no respect! Hockey is one of the hardest sports to play EVER other than Golf! I love Hockey! GREAT GAME!

  • I have nothing with American's and hockey, again my fav. team is from the States. My problem is with Gary trying to expand further into the States where its clear hockey isn't going to succeed there.

  • I'm an American and agree BETTMAN is bad for the game. He locked us out twice, once for an entire season. how can anyone think he's good for the game? Get real guys, read the question before you post.

  • Is Bettman bad for the game? Yes! Should we stop expanding in the states? Heck no! 300 million compared to 35 million is a huge difference, so it would be insane to stop. Mind you there are plenty of teams in the US of A that shouldnt be there, so maybe to a point they should stop? Canada def. deserves more teams tho or maybe expand to Europe, they seem to be catching up to us in hockey