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33 Wins 32 Losses 0 Ties 50.8% Win 17496 pts.

Writer on: shtolky | Latest debate: Heat aren't guaranteed anything


13 Wins 42 Losses 2 Ties 22.8% Win 12008 pts.

Writer on: Larry's Legacy | Latest debate: Patriots are Superbowl favorites


14 Wins 12 Losses 0 Ties 53.8% Win 9209 pts.

Writer on: Da Chicago Fan | Latest debate: Drose is Hurting His Reputation


9 Wins 3 Losses 0 Ties 75.0% Win 6461 pts.

Writer on: The King of Sports Blog | Latest debate: Trent Richardson Deals Makes Sense


4 Wins 11 Losses 0 Ties 26.7% Win 3776 pts.

Writer on: Anthony Donahue | Latest debate: The Knicks should take a look at Agent Zero

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