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Boxing Trumps MMA by Grogan14

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  • I'm sorry, what was it that you were going on about. I fell asleep. Add some pizazz Tito. Just playing. I agree boxing is a much better show than two in the closet guys rolling around and beating the homosexual out of themselves. If you truley think about Greco Roman wrestling, MMA, Strikeforce and other crap like it, it is very homo-erotic having two men roll around "trying to beat each other up." What they are really doing is fondling each other just like all gay shannagins that were going on during the Roman empire. At least with boxing you don't have two men grabbing onto each other for a half an hour, rolling around like two playful puppies. I'm not saying that MMA fighters are not tough or strong or wouldn't beat the crap out of me, but I would never put myself in that situation of wanting to roll around with another man on a mat, no matter how macho it makes you feel. Boxing is just much more of a "sport" with its physicality, strategy and skill of landing punches in specific areas to beat your opponent.

  • You can say that about every sport that has big time gambling attached to it. You can't honestly tell me that the MMA doesn't have the same thing going on. Money does crazy things, even to the most competitive persons.

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