With the Blackhawks just one win away from hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup, it is time to start discussing who might be the MVP of the playoffs.

Since the 1964-1965 season the player voted as the MVP has been awarded the Conn Smythe. Unlike other sports that base the award solely on the finals, the NHL uses the entire playoff resume.

For example in 2010, Jonathan Toews won the honor despite only totaling three assists in the finals. He totaled 29 points, 7 goals and 22 assists, in 22 playoffs games.

So really the trophy awards consistency rather then someone who may have just caught fire in the finals. Because of that it opens it up to players who may carried the team in the first two rounds, rather than just the last two.

With all that being said there are five Hawks with a realistic chance and here they are. Please take in mind that a big Game 6 or Game 7, if necessary, could determine who wins it because it is a very tight race.

*While it has happened in the past, I don't expect any Hawks player to walk away with the award if Bruins end up winning the Cup instead of the Hawks.