By now, every Washington capitals fan knows that Bruce Boudreau was fired yesterday and replaced by former Capitals great and former team Captain, Dale Hunter.

According to a pole currently being conducted on line by the Washington Post, 51 percent of 4000 participants believe Bruce Boudreau had to go, and Dale Hunter is a good replacement. Whether you agree or disagree with the move, one thing is for sure, there is certainly plenty of blame to go around, but that blame is confined to a few players and Boudreau himself.

Boudreau's firing may not be the right move, but at the moment, it is the move General Manager George McPhee (GMGM) had to make. McPhee wasn't going to dismantle the upper echelon of this roster just yet, at least not without a second opinion first. Who better to give that opinion than the man former Caps Captain Rod Langway says will,” ruffle some guys’ feathers.”

When asked during an interview yesterday about what Dale Hunter will bring to the Caps bench, the only man that wore the "C" longer than Hunter said of his former teammate, "As a player, he won your respect by the way he worked so hard, and if you didn’t give it to him, he’d challenge you,” said Langway. “I’d think he’s the same way as a coach. Honest, straightforward – that’s the type of guy he is. And he’s probably going to ruffle some guys’ feathers.”

Read on to see what went wrong between Boudreau, and Alex Ovechkin, and why Boudreau ultimately failed behind the bench in Washington.